Do I Repair my Broken Washing Machine?

When you’re faced with a broken appliance, there are a few steps to consider: 1. Is the appliance worth repairing? 2. At what point is it better to get a new one?

Having a washing machine (or appliance) breakdown is not something anyone hopes for, but it does happen. When it does, you inevitably have choices to make. Will you repair your malfunctioning washer yourself or call for a repairman? What does it costs? Should I replace my washer now or later, when the warranty runs out?

Breaking out the toolbox and swapping your malfunctioning appliance is a common household scenario that’s a headache for all persons involved. Whether you’re the DIY type or just dread the prospect of tinkering with hoses or gears, deciding between to repair or replace is a personal decision at heart.

Do you have an appliance requiring repair? While it may seem pointless to spend money on a machine with limited years left, repairs can often benefit homeowners in the long run. Here’s what to consider when deciding between repair or replacement.

If you plan to keep this appliance for at least five years, it may be worth getting it repaired. However, if your machine is newer or still under warranty, then these few repairs may not be worth the effort. Washing machines can last as little as three years or up to 12 years, though most last around six to nine years when professionally treated.

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