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10 December, 2004

Christmas Music

Carl (AKA Beukeboom) reviews some Christmas CDs -- stuff that you normally don't hear in the elevators.

Actually I guess you could say I'm obsessed with Christmas music. After all, I've been collecting Christmas music for well over 30 years starting when I was a child. My first ever album was "Snoopy's Christmas" by the Royal Guardsman....

Currently I have over 500 Christmas CD's in my collection and it covers a vast spectrum of music styles: pop, country, rock, ska, novelty, classical, jazz, salsa and many, many others (some defying easy description).

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Boring Stuff On The Web

What would you expect to find at:

Posted on 10 December, 2004

More On Google Suggest

This morning, I mentioned a new feature at Google: Google Suggest. If you're curious about how it works, click here and peruse the Javascript.

If you have any questions about how the showed code flowed, ask Toad.

(via JOHO the Blog)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

24-7 Prayer

Non-stop prayer across the Internet: 24-7 Prayer.

Participating groups pledge to pray 24 hours a day for a week or more in a dedicated prayer-room. They then 'carry the baton of prayer' for that period. The prayer passes from location to location in a never ending flow linked up by the Worldwide Web. We are a virtual community praying in real locations. Right now someone, somewhere is praying 24-7.

At first glance, I thought it was a spoof. But I'm pretty sure it's real.

(via Linkfilter)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Referrer Log Spam

I've mentioned referrer log spam several times in the past. Referrer log spam occurs when Web sites generate fake hits to another site through a robot.

The point? Some site publish their referrer logs. Google, and other search engines, will see all of these links back to the referring sites, and it will increase the page rank for the spamming site.

Here's a graphic that shows my top 50 referrers for the first 9 days of December (click to enlarge).

I blacked out all of the referrer spam sites -- 24 of them. I think it's a safe conclusion that the majority of hits to this blog are bogus. I think maybe 100 real people actual visit here.

Oh yeah, Adminshop is still on the list. These are the morons who probably provided the software for most of the other spammers.

And what's the deal with xanga.com? They seem legit, but why all of the hits?

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Kiddie Records

Classics from the Golden Age: Kiddie Records.

In 2005, Basic Hip Digital Oddio will feature an entire year of albums from the golden age of kiddie records, transferred from the original 78s and encoded to 192kbps MP3 format. One a week for 52 weeks!

Here's a preview:

Posted on 10 December, 2004

The Winnebago Man

At Ritilan.com: The Winnebago Man video. It's a video that consists of outtakes from a Winnebago promotional film.

Warning: Lots of crude language. And I mean lots. The guy is not only a terrible actor, he has a very limited vocabulary.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Modern Day Catch-22

From Ed Forster's GripeLog: Returning Opened Software.

Software license agreements have always presented an odd conundrum. Most EULAs say that, if you do not agree with all the terms, you must return the software to where you purchased it for a refund. But most stores, online as well as brick-and-mortar, have a return policy to the effect that "Opened software will only be exchanged for the same title." So can you return opened software or can't you?

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Holiday Joke

This is probably the oldest joke in the world, but I just read it.

Q. Why do programmers always get Christmas and Halloween mixed up?

A. Because DEC 25 = OCT 31

By the way, there are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who get´┐Ż this joke, and those who don't.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

JamPlug Amp

The world's smallest guitar amp: JamPlug. Actually, it's a headphone amp (no speakers).

From the FAQ:

Q. So, just how good does it really sound?

A. Considering that it's about the size of a pack of gum or a box of matches, we think it sounds pretty good. But, if you're somehow expecting to be blown away like a pair of Marshall stacks have been stuffed into your ears, you'll probably be disappointed. Basically, it's a cool little practice amp that sounds pretty good. If you're looking for pristine, audiophile-grade high-fidelity, this ain't it. Of course, if you think about it, neither is a Marshall stack.

Also from the FAQ:

Q. Who's the girl?

A. That's Heather. She's from the Nashville area, loves music, partying and JamPlugs. And no, we can't give you her phone number.

I'm going to be near a Guitar Center today. I might try this out.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Top PC Words

According to The Global Language Monitor: Top Politically Correct Word List of 2004.

  1. Device for master and captured device for slave in computer networking terminology
  2. Non-same sex marriage, for marriage used in Democratic Presidential Primaries
  3. Waitron for waiter or waitress
  4. Red Sox Lover for Yankee Hater during the ALCS playoffs
  5. Higher Power for God
  6. Progressive for classical liberal
  7. Incurious rather than more impolite invectives for President Bush (such as idiot or moron)
  8. Insurgents substituting for terrorists in Iraq
  9. Baristas rather than waitrons
  10. First year student rather than Freshman, though Frosh is still acceptable

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Resume Pet Peeves

At Monster (no relation to Monster Cables): Recruiter's Top 10 Resume Pet Peeves.

Here are the top 10 pet peeves from the survey and some advice from recruiters for eliminating them from your resume.

(via Technical Careers @ Microsoft)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Eye Of Science

Life in a microcosmic world: Eye of Science.

Shown here is a blood-sucking yellow fever mosquito.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Hot Or Not?

A variation on the old "Hot or Not" theme: Is Your Senator Hot or Not?

This parody of Hot or Not is covered under the fair use doctrine of US copyright law.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Spoonman Creations

Now here's some weird stuff to buy: Spoonman Creations.

While walking in the summer of '71, Mike Kelley came to a fork in the road. By picking it up, he immediately became possessed with the supernatural ability to turn spoons and forks into things that kind of looked like silverware (but you could no longer eat with them). With just the power of his mind (OK, and a few tools too) he is able to create wind chimes, masks, jewelry, silly stuff, and other gifts. People began to call him "Spoonman". These pages display the Spoonman's 30+year collection of creations.

I found this in the Headwear section -- only $8.00:

(via Jaf Project)

Posted on 10 December, 2004


From the Answers in Genesis site: CreationWise -- Dan Lietha's cartoons about Creationism. Here's one:

More cartoons at Dan Lietha's site.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Google Suggest

Yet another new feature from Google: Google offers a suggestion.

Google has launched a new feature that tries to guess what users are looking for as they type queries into a search box.

Google Suggest quietly debuted this week on the company's Labs site, which showcases Google features that "aren't quite ready for prime time," according to a message on the site. When a user starts typing a request into the search box, a drop-down menu appears with possible suggestions as to what the user could be looking for.

For instance, typing in "Mi" generates a list starting with "Microsoft" and continuing with "miniclip," "Michael Moore" and "miserable failure," among other suggestions.

It takes the first six letters before "Walkenbach" shows up in the suggestion list.

Try it.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Armored Cadillac

Did you know Cadillac made an armored vehicle? The do. See Cadillac Armor.

Cadillac has stepped up to meet the needs of high profile people. Not satisfied with just air bags, roll cages and hydro-formed steel beams, Cadillac has created a line of armored vehicles to go beyond accident protection and reach the realm of attack protection.

With children caring guns to school for fun, drug addicts doing anything for money and and co-workers going crazy, terrorists are not the only danger lurking around the corner. ... time has come for every day individuals to protect themselves.

Currently, the only armored model they make is a Deville. But Escalade and Hummers are coming soon.

(via Tom McMahon)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Serial Killer Central

News and other stuff about serial killers: Serial Killer Central.

SKC started out as a personal site, in 1997, when I got bored one night while chatting in an old Marilyn Manson chat room... I got bored with the personal site, and started adding as many serial killer links as I could find. After that it just kept evolving bigger and bigger and bigger.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

What's That Song?

Kind of like Name That Tune, but it's online: What's That Song? This link takes you to the "Eric Clapton Edition," but you can choose from a variety of other artists.

This is fairly bandwidth intensive. Don't even bother if you're on a dial-up connection.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Interactive Office Map

If you're a fan of BBC's "The Office," you might like this Interactive Office Map.

We visited the set of The Office during the filming of Series 2 and took a shedload of photos - all to bring you this beautiful interactive experience.

This particular item was found on Garth's desk.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Kidney Stones

I had no idea that they varied so much: Kidney Stone Photos -- three pages worth.

This one is Struvite.

(via Cynical-C Blog)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

Chocolate Factory Trailer

This is the day that everyone posts a link to the trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -- a remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

The general consensus: It's a movie that didn't need to be made.

Posted on 10 December, 2004

The 10 Commandments Explained

At Wondering Hillbilly: Pinions of buddy don: ten commandments eggsplained in footnotes.

i noticed tuther day how aint hardly nobidy that still bleeves in the ten commandments the way they wuz furst writ. i gut to studyin the matter n cum to real eyes how them commandments is ok fer starters, but to fit the modern day moral values of amurka, they need em a few footnotes, lease eight of em by my count.

That dumb hillbilly ain't so dumb after all. Nosiree.

(via Fishbucket)

Posted on 10 December, 2004

McDonald's Packaging

Whoever put together this German site seems to be obsessed with product packaging from McDonald's: Alle meine Burger.

(via Jaf Project)

Posted on 10 December, 2004


Test your knowledge of world geography alone or against another online player: Geosense.

There's no need for me to test my knowledge. I know very little about world geography.

(Thanks Kevin)

Posted on 10 December, 2004