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21 November, 2004

Raw Radio

The Anchorage Daily News ran a nice article about Whole Wheat Radio today: Radio in the raw.

The station doesn't have running water or indoor plumbing, but it does have a loyal, worldwide audience for its format of independent music and independent thought.

"Commercial radio is just a wasteland that's not meeting the needs of people, really," explained Rod MacDonald, a singer-songwriter from Florida who started tuning in to WWR a year ago and toured Alaska this summer. "What amazes me when I travel around is what really good music is being made and how little of it I can find on the radio. Stations like Whole Wheat Radio are giving people a chance to hear a much wider range of music."

Posted on 21 November, 2004

Looking For A Hand Turkey

Christine asks J-Walk:

Gotta find a copy of the article from The Onion several years ago instructing the preferred method of making that Thanksgiving Hand Turkey. I've GOOGLED ad infinitum and finally found a reference at your site, but the connecting link given is no longer accessible. Po-leeze give me another option to track it down. How else will I implement this craft with my Kindergarten class?!

Christine is referring to this entry, which I posted about two years ago. It seems that The Onion does not keep too many of their back issues online. And even the Internet Wayback Machine let me down. I was able to find this archived copy of The Onion's hand turkey article -- but the image are missing.

But apparently my Google skills are better than Christine's. It only took a few seconds to find this copy of the original article that someone snagged.

Posted on 21 November, 2004

Sunday Photo Caption Contest #35

Add your humorous caption as a comment.

Posted on 21 November, 2004