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5 November, 2004

Musical Prototypes

A Worth 1000 Photoshop contest: Musical Prototypes.

The prototype is the first draft of an invention or product: How it looked before it was time to head back to the drawing board. In this contest your task is to show us the prototype of all famous musical things, items and products.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Presidential Election Contest Winner

The winner of the recent Presidential Election Contest is...


This person was the first to correctly guess the electoral vote count for the winner: Bush 286, Kerry 252. He/she will receive an autographed copy of Excel VBA Programming For Dummies.

Afroz made an identical guess about seven hours later.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Playing Songs From Excel

A spreadsheet question in the Star Ledger:

My goal is to play CDs in Windows Media Player by selecting an item from an incorporated Excel database. How can I integrate the database into Windows Media Player?

The answer given goes on and on, but it doesn't really answer the question.

The solution is to get a copy of PUP v6 (which isn't available yet). PUP 6 will be able to import a directory of MP3 filenames and create hyperlinks.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Coffee Art

No paint, just coffee: Just Coffee.

Andy and Angel have been painting with coffee for several years, and have completed hundreds of original artworks. Nearly every person who views the work is amazed that the artwork is painted entirely in coffee - no additives, 100% pure coffee.

This one is called Coffee Connoisseur.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Hire The World's Smartest Woman

From The Register: World's cleverest woman needs a job.

According to Press Association reports, Daniela Simidchieva is struggling to find gainful employment, even as a cleaning woman, despite being listed by Mensa as the "world's cleverest woman". Her mind boggling IQ is equal to that of Marie Curie, according to reports.

But heed this warning:

We would like to point out that some people have immensely high IQs, and are very highly qualified, but are also staggeringly bonkers

Posted on 5 November, 2004

The Non-Christian Lion Revisited

Yesterday you read about the guy trying to convert a lion to Christianity. Now you can watch the film, at IFILM.

(Thanks Doug Hammond)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

10 X 10

This is interesting: 10 x 10.

10x10 ('ten by ten') is an interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. The result is an often moving, sometimes shocking, occasionally frivolous, but always fitting snapshot of our world. Every hour, 10x10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time. Over the course of days, months, and years, 10x10 leaves a trail of these hourly statements which, stitched together side by side, form a continuous patchwork tapestry of human life.

(Thanks Kevin Kelly)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

My Monitor Is Obsolete

I just bought it, and now it's obsolete: Dell Launches New 20" LCD Monitor - UltraSharp 2005FPW.

Dell released a new 20" LCD monitor which replaces the 2001FP. Improvements include a 16:10 aspect ratio, a lower response time (12ms vs 16ms) and a initial price of $799. It looks like the 2001FP is going on firesale to get rid of inventory.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Sniper School

You'll never get a decent job as a sniper unless you go to Sniper School.

Since there is considerable difference between the role of the law enforcement and military sniper, each STTU sniper program is modified to suit the operational and training needs of the host team or agency.

(via Everlasting Blort)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Psychedelic Jew's Harp

Music by J.M. Nasim: The Psychedelic Jew's Harp.

I create this music live. No multi-tracking, no playback of pre-recorded material, no sampling. The raw signal of voice and Jew's Harp feeds into a portable bank of automated processors. Here, various programmatic, architectonic sound spaces frame rhythmic zones within which certain acoustic potentialities reside. These sonic holograms manifest my musical explorations as shape-shifted sound. Seminal acoustics are gestated into new aural forms to birth multi- dimensional soundscapes of interpenetrating pulses and harmonics.

It's definitely a different type of sound. I can handle about 35 seconds. When it comes to Jew's Harp, I prefer the more subtle sound on Leonard Cohen's "Dear Heather" CD.

(via Ektopia)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Crazy Asian Drinks

From No Apologies Press: Crazy Asian Drinks. You'll find 21 drinks, described and reviewed.

Here's a review summary for something called Oran-C.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

They Needed A Date

I wonder if these two got a date? Conjoined twin needs party date.

Full disclosure: My sister and I are joined at the breast bone. We share a liver. She is a neo-conservative. I am unaffiliated politically. I am voting for Kerry and so is my sister (I am the dominant twin).

I need a date for a haloween party on 10/30. I don't normally date (its complicated and I work long hours) but my sister is bringing a date and I do what she does. The party is in greenpoint. My sister will be masquerading as a sexy nun (she is catholic). I am dressing up as a single stalk of asparagus (i renounced my catholicism and I am vegan).

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Swimming Pool Lamp

I kind of like this: Swimming Pool Lamp.

The Waterproof is base on the ready-made of a traditional lampshade and floating lifebuoy light use. These lights are use for emergency on the sea. The intention is to use the archetype of a table lamp in a swimming pool.

The lamp is standing outside of the swimming pool in off position upside down during the day, at night the lamp is throw to the swimming pool where floats facing up in the on position.

(via Near Near Future)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Why Bush Won

Now it all makes sense. It was the Bush Pledge!

"I care about freedom and liberty. I care about my family. I care about my country. Because I care, I promise to work hard to re-elect, re-elect George W. Bush as president of the United States."

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Cooperative Communities

The Fellowship for Intentional Community.

Intentional Communities have for many centuries been places where idealists have come together to create a better world. Although there are thousands of intentional communities in existence today, and many others in the formative stages, most people are unaware of them or the roots from which they spring.

The Fellowship is increasing public awareness of existing and newly forming communities. We offer information and referrals for those who are actively seeking, or simply curious about, alternate lifestyles for themselves and their families.

If you thought this sort of thing died out in the '60s, you're wrong. Here's a link to a directory of such communities.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

The Road To Hana

When in Maui, many tourists drive the famous Road to Hana. Here's a thread in which people answer the question, Is the road to Hana that bad?

I've done it twice. That was enough for one lifetime. It has some great scenery, but the traffic on that tiny road can get annoying.

This photo was snagged from a gallery by B. Hughes.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

IQ On Driver's License

From the Halfbakery, an idea that's not really all that half-baked: IQ on driver's license.

In addition to other demographic data listed with your state government, your IQ should be listed on your driver's license or state ID. This way people can be carded for specific events, not based on age, but based upon their IQ.

For example, if you are talking to an apparent idiot, you can ask for ID and know for certain. It also might be a way to filter certain people away from potentially dangerous activities, such as drinking a McDonald's coffee, operating a copy machine, sending email, or running for a political office.

Posted on 5 November, 2004

More Clocks

Proof that you can make a clock out of anything. Here's one from an extensive gallery of unusual clocks.

(via Boing Boing)

Posted on 5 November, 2004

Ballmer A Spammer?

From MSNBC: Was Microsoft's e-mail message spam?

For a year, Microsoft Corp. has extolled the virtues of the Can-Spam Act, which Congress passed in late 2003 to crack down on purveyors of unwanted bulk e-mail. The company, with other Internet and marketing firms, helped craft the act and has sued several spammers under its provisions.

But Bob Poortinga thinks the software giant is engaged in its own spamming. Last week, Poortinga got a lengthy "executive letter" from Microsoft chief executive Steven A. Ballmer touting Microsoft's Windows products for companies and other organizations.

Related news: Spam senders convicted in first felony case.

Jurors recommended that Jeremy Jaynes be sentenced to nine years in prison and fined Jessica DeGroot $7,500 after convicting them of three counts each of sending e-mails with fraudulent and untraceable routing information.

That's a good start.

Posted on 5 November, 2004