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23 October, 2004

Vintage Girlwatchers

Vintage Girlwatchers:

This site exists to celebrate and preserve books and magazines about girlwatching and girl-photography from the fifties and sixties.

Note: some images contain vintage nudity.

Posted on 23 October, 2004

Fake Billboards

From Dribbleglass: Billboards We'd Like to See.

Posted on 23 October, 2004

The Most Miserable People

From Mosnews: Russians Most Miserable People in the World, Second Only to People of Zimbabwe.

The organization World Values Survey has surveyed 81 countries, asking people to evaluate their level of happiness and satisfaction with life. Citizens of Russia and the former republics of the USSR are on the bottom of the list, ahead only of Zimbabwe.

Contrary to popular belief, economic wellbeing is not a key factor in one's happiness. People from developing countries, Mexico and Puerto Rico, reported to enjoy their lives the most. Others from the top five include Columbia, Ireland, and the Netherlands. The United States ranks 15th.

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Posted on 23 October, 2004

Tarot Card Project

Artistic tarot cards: The Eatpoo Tarot Card Project.

Welcome! The Eatpoo Tarot Card Project involves over 90 artists from around the world illustrating the fortune telling cards of the tarot. Each artist has chosen their own style and interpretation of the card's meaning, using media ranging from pencils and pens to photography, 3D art and digital painting.

Shown here is the Ace of Swords, by Hoodz.

The Ace of Swords represents your prime motive or guiding ideal, that vision which guides you through life with a single-minded clarity. It implies evolution, progress, a sense of hope and victory. It is occasionally shown with a darker message that refers to sacrifice, challenges, and a critical environment.

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Posted on 23 October, 2004


I've linked to this site before, but I think they've added lots of new material: Exactitudes.

Rotterdam-based photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek have worked together since October 1994...�

They call their series Exactitudes: a contraction of exact and attitude. By registering their subjects in an identical framework, with similar poses and a strictly observed dress code, Versluis and Uyttenbroek provide an almost scientific, anthropological record of people's attempts to distinguish themselves from others by assuming a group identity.

Posted on 23 October, 2004


Here's a full page of continually updated stats: Worldometers.

The data is somewhat correct for 2003-2004 years.

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Posted on 23 October, 2004

Yu Zhenhuan

A few months ago I linked to a story about Yu Zhenhuan -- "China's Hairboy." Now he has a Web site, with music and photos.

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Posted on 23 October, 2004

Magic School Bus Lyrics

Some people have been asking for the lyrics to the Magic School Bus theme song, sung by Little Richard.

Microsoft comes through again: MSB: Theme Song Lyrics.

Posted on 23 October, 2004