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30 September, 2004

Book Winners

There was a great turnout for the Win An Excel Book contest. I read all of the entries, and picked out a twenty good ones that deserved to win. Then I narrowed it down to my three favorites. The three winners are:

  • Paul - I want that book to smack by Excel teacher in the face with it...
  • Oliver - Sub Please_Give_Me_A_Book()...
  • Payman - I'm running Excel / On a 1 GHz Dell...

The three lucky winners will need to contact me and provide a shipping address (and inscription, if desired). Then, a shiny new copy of Excel VBA Programming will be on its way.

More contests later. I still have far too many copies of this book.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Presidential Debate Bingo

Turn an otherwise boring event into a rollicking game: Presidential Debate Bingo!

How to play: Print out a page for each person you'll be watching the Presidential Debate with. (You may wish to print out several pages if you plan on playing more than one round.) Be sure to refresh this page every time you print, as the squares are assigned randomly each time.

If President Bush or Senator Kerry say the phrase, bring up the topic, or do the action marked on a square, mark off that square. The first person to mark off an entire row (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and shout BINGO wins. It's fun and edumacational!

Posted on 30 September, 2004

No More Personalized Stamps

Remember last month when those personalized postage stamps became available? Well, forget it. The party's over. From CNET: Personalized stamps canceled.

Stamps.com said this week that the U.S. Postal Service has refused to extend its customized photo-stamp service.

The company will stop taking orders for the service Thursday night as per Postal Service directions, it said. The service was launched in August for a limited period, and Stamps.com's request for an extension has been rejected.

The problem?

The service ran into trouble, however, when pranksters got a little inventive with the program, printing up stamps with pictures of people including Ted Kaczynski, Jimmy Hoffa and Slobodan Milosevic.

Those guys just have no sense of humor.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Secrets Revealed

Thanks to Google, it's easy to find secrets. Just click here and you'll learn lots of free secrets --about 1,660 of them.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Mount St. Helens Webcam

You may have heard that an eruption at Mt. St. Helens is imminent. Don't miss it. Watch the Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam, courtesy of the Forest Service.

The image updates every five minutes. I was lucky enough to catch it when an insect was exploring the lens.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Amazon Overload Revisited

About 18 months ago, I asked Is Amazon.com Going Too Far? It was basically a complaint about information overload at Amazon.com.

I looked at a typical product page, and I counted the bytes, images, and hyperlinks. As a comparison, I looked at the same product today. Have things gotten any better in terms of information overload?

Not all all. Things have gotten much worse.

April, 2003 September, 2004
Total size 157K 213K
Number of images 67 128
Number of links 164 217

Posted on 30 September, 2004


Very impressive -- and useful: Canonical list of Fulldeckisms.

A compendium of insults and "not all there" comments from various sources.

I am astonished there are so many creative ways to insult people, and that the list CONTINUES to grow well past 1000 entries as contributions arrive daily. There's more than enough pain in the world already, so I have a nagging concern that it's ultimately nasty and unhealthy to build a list like this, even though many of the entries are hilarious.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Recording Industry Myths

From the LA Weekly: 3 Myths About the Recording Industry Debunked. The myths are:

  1. The prevalence of file-trading services and free music on the Internet indicates that recorded music may no longer be an economically viable business.
  2. Record sales are down. The situation is only growing worse.
  3. Musicians no longer need the record industry. The Internet and other new technologies make this a new era of "do it yourself."

I'm not so sure about #3.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Flash Art

Here's a nice Flash thingy by Paul Schmidinger. Just move your mouse to create some designs. Kind of like a Spirograph on steroids.

Correction: It's a Java thingy, not a Flash thingy.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Microsoft's House Of The Future

A few years ago, I took a tour of Microsoft's House of the Future. According to the Seattle Times, it's now 10 years old: Microsoft Home smarter at age 10.

New to the home are a teenage girl's bedroom that showcases what can be done with radio ID tags retailers are starting to embed into clothes and other products to manage inventory.

When Cluts stood before a mirror in the room and took a shirt from the closet, sensors recognized the item; a display lit up on the mirror, showing the washing instructions for the shirt.

Or, you could just look at the tag.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Telephone Songs

Back in the old days, before ring tones, people used the touchpad on their phone to create music. Here's a list of telephone songs playable on a touch tone phone.

You should be able to figure this one out just by looking at it:

1 1 9 9 # # 9- 6 6 3 3 2 2 1-

9 9 6 6 3 3 2- 9 9 6 6 3 3 2-

1 1 9 9 # # 9- 6 6 3 3 2 2 1-

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Jesus Guitar

This guitar, sculpted by Doug Rowell, is called Jeweled Jesus.

The body is a biblical scene with Jesus, staff in hand, laying a blessing hand on the bridge of the guitar. The real jewel encrusted pick guard (Jade, sapphire & star sapphire) displays a laughing face of Christ. One sapphire is set in Christ's eye.

The guitar was stolen, and then returned to the owner after 25 years. A miracle.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Gets Lots Of Copies Of Windows XP SP2

This is pretty funny: How To Cost Microsoft Money.

Microsoft has a form on their website that you can fill out to get a copy of Windows XP SP2 on CD at no charge (with free shipping by Purolator).

I ordered one.

Then, at the Order Confirmation screen, I clicked Back, then Refresh, then Retry (since the form had to be posted again). I did this 149 times. I got 150 order-confirmation emails.

He also got 150 CDs in the mail.

Estimated cost to Microsoft: $1,050.

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Picking Out Clothes

Poll results: 53 Percent Of Men Spend Less Than Two Minutes Picking Out Clothes.

According to a poll by Sears and Structure clothes, 12 percent of men admit they spend "no time" figuring out their wardrobe while 25 percent need only 60 seconds to decide.

An additional 16 percent need about two minutes of indecision before deciding on an outfit.

Count me among the "no time" group. Typically, it's just yesterday's shorts and the first t-shirt on the stack.

(via Diversionz)

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Cute Things

A blog devoted to cute things. It's called Cute Things.

A collection of cute toy images from around the www. Some I own; some I want. If you have any cute toy recommendations for me, please leave a comment! - lili:)

Here's an example of what's considered a cute thing:

Posted on 30 September, 2004

Presidential Debates

I just realized that the comedy show known as the Presidential Debates premiers tonight.

It's not too late to create a Debate Drinking Game. Let's have some suggestions. Here's a few to get things started:

  • Take a drink whenever George W mispronounces "nuclear."
  • Take a drink whenever George W says the word "safer."
  • Take three drinks if either candidate says "my worthy opponent."


Posted on 30 September, 2004

Is Your Leg Broken?

If you happen to have a broken leg, here's a site for you: My Broken Leg.

The site for people with broken legs. If you're stuck at home with your leg on a pillow, surfing the net desperately looking for a distraction - here it is.

The broken leg x-ray shown here is from a badger. The My Broken Leg site isn't really designed for badgers, but I thought it was a good photo.

(via Metafilter)

Posted on 30 September, 2004