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20 July, 2004

Direct Marketing Association Scam

Have you ever heard of the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service? Supposedly, you can fill out a form to reduce the amount of junk mail (i.e., get on a "do not mail" list).

You can fill out a form, print it, and then mail it to the DMA. Or, for a $5.00 fee, you can do it all online. That makes absolutely no sense. With the former option, someone is going to have to key the data into the database. With the online option, no human intervention is required. Their pricing is completely opposite of what it should be.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Platform Jumping

I found a great animated GIF at b3ta. And it's even better when it's tiled. Click here to see it.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Magnetoids Revisited

About four months ago, I mentioned a cool-looking toy called Magnetoids. The site I linked to was in the UK, and they are now sold out.

I'm here to tell you that U.S. readers should buy their Magnetoids from Fat Brain Toys.

These space age looking oblique spheres are actually high-powered magnets, but because of their perfect shape and super strong magnetism, they continually strive to stay in perfect balance with each other. The result? It's darn near indescribable! Place the Magnetoids with their tips touching and then let go. Once released, the Magnetoids perform a frenetic balancing act driven by attraction and repulsion, emitting a mysterious chirping noise that is at once both unnerving and mesmerizing.

Yessir, Fat Brain Toys is the place to get 'em. In fact, they are the exclusive distributor in North America. I'm sure that they are really good people, and they will provide fast and efficient service.

Oh, by the way, they're sending me a free set of Magnetoids. Probably because they like my Excel books so much.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

My Photo Of Diana Krall

Last night I took a photo of Diana Krall in our living room.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Pool Plumbing

Yesterday, a guy spent the entire day (in 105 degree heat) putting in the plumbing for the pool. I had no idea a pool had so many pipes.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Bottlecap Tripod

Clever idea: Bottle Cap Tripod.

As long as the bottle is full and you have a lightweight camera, it should do the job.

(via Boing Boing)

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Links Submitted By Readers

Here's where I clean out my inbox, and post links that others have sent to me recently. Some of them will interest you. Some of them won't.

  • Santarchy - Santas commit naughty Noel mayhem
  • Downhill Battle - Promoting indie music
  • Barbie In A Blender - About a lawsuit filed by Mattel against an artist
  • Electrical Overload - See what happens when the "arc quenching bottles fail on a 500KV Ciruit Switcher" (direct link to an MPG video file)
  • Chess's Lost Soul - A recent article about Bobby Fischer. New York Times. Get a name/password here.
  • Cyberfret - A good guitar site. I like the Licks and Tricks section.

I received several other links recently, but they were either repeats of earlier entries, or completely self-serving.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Outrageous Johns

The Travel Channel presents: Top 10 Outrageous Bathrooms.

Not all bathrooms are created equal. While most are boring -- separated by sex, decorated with blandly tiled walls -- and in many cases offering less-than-hygienic conditions, there are a few tantalizing toilets that are downright outrageous and worth a sit.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Integrity On The Web

Apparently, Instant Degrees has been accused of spamming.

We NEVER spam, we have no need to.

A few months ago, a spam attack maliciously designed to make people believe that our site and online service instantdegrees.com is responsible for spam emails, caused us some problems which we have rectified.

Over 3 years of trouble free hosting plus our site stats showing categorically, that our traffic is arriving from ESTABLISHED WEBSITES and GOOGLE ADS, proved our innocence absolutely.

So remember... Instant Degrees is a reputable company. They would never do anything unethical.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Miss Georgia Pageant

Check out the winners in the Miss Georgia Sex Offenders 2004 Pageant.

Shown here is Glynda Gowen, winner in the category of Most likely to be mistaken for an incredibly obese man.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Slow Connections

Here's an out-of-context excerpt from a Technet Chat on the Deployment and Setup of Office 2003.

Moderator: Jamie (Microsoft)
Q: what about those with slow connections: will they commit suicide?

A: Possibly

C'mon. It can't be that bad!

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Google In 1960

What if Google were around back in 1960? It would probably look something like this.

(via Waxy.org)

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Pie Charts

Here's an entertaining site called 1000 Ridiculous Tragedies.

Written In A Concise and Familiar Style,
Adapted to Both Sexes
to which are added
Various Objects of Statistical Gaiety
augmented by
Long Pauses Betwixt Them.

It appears to be some type of online magazine (last updated in 2002). There's lots of stuff, including a section with numerous pie charts -- where I found this one called "A Day in the Life of a Goldfish."

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Seatbelt Physics

When would you be better off not wearing your seatbelt? Find out at Seatbelt Physics.

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Film Vs. Digital

Here's an article that does some interesting comparisons between digital SLRs and film scans.

I have always been a staunch proponent of using film cameras and desktop film scanners for digital image creation. My experience with the Canon 10D has changed the way I look at digital camera capabilities. I won't be photographing with film cameras exclusively anymore. Output from the 10D in most photographic situations is as good or better than my 4000 dpi film scans from Provia F ISO 100 film.

(via digitalslr.org)

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Lawn Chair

A new type of lawn chair: the Terra Grass Armchair.

Simply assemble the sturdy cardboard frame into its chair-like shape, fill the structure with soil and plant the grass seeds. Water regularly and before long you'll have your very own organic chair.

(via Geisha asobi blog)

Posted on 20 July, 2004

Ronstadt Kicked Out Of Casino

From BBC News: Ronstadt casino furor over Moore.

US singer Linda Ronstadt was booed and removed from a Las Vegas casino for praising film-maker Michael Moore and his film Fahrenheit 9/11 during a show.

Moore said:

"Invite her back and I'll join her in singing America the Beautiful on your stage. Then I will show Fahrenheit 9/11 free of charge to all your guests and anyone else in Las Vegas who wants to see it."

I don't think that will happen.

Posted on 20 July, 2004