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13 July, 2004

Arizona Update

Those who are tired of reading Arizona-related posts can just hit the Back button.

For those who are still here... I'd say that we are about half-way moved in. Most of the boxes are unpacked, but a lot of stuff still needs to find a place to go. Today we are waiting for a bunch of new furniture to be delivered. And, hopefully, some guys will show up to do some computer network and audio wiring.

The smoothness of this move is due, of course, to the Whole Wheat Radio prayer circle, led by the Reverend James Christian Kloss. Thanks Jim, and all of the WWR listeners who prayed so hard for us.

I've been reading all of the comments, but I haven't had much time to post replies to the questions. So here goes.

* * *

JT asked: Glad your at your new place, but do all the toads look like lizards there?

Based on my limited experience, the answer is yes. All toads do look like lizards here.

* * *

Lee said: Man, moving in the middle of the summer in the desert!? It's bad enough in North Carolina! At least it sounds like you have people moving your big stuff for you.

Yes, we had people move 99% of it. The guys who loaded the truck in San Diego were fun and friendly. The guys who unloaded the truck in Tucson were not very friendly at. That is the exact opposite of what we've experienced so far.

The weather has been hot, but not unbearably so. When the truck was being unloaded, it was probably 90-95. We had all of the doors open in the house and there was a nice breeze.

* * *

Toad said: Tucson? I thought you were moving to Tuscany. Please cancel my reservation.

Your reservation #RT8749-002 has been canceled. Please let us know if we can be of further service.

* * *

Righteously Indignant said: I woke up with every bone and muscle in my body aching for Icy Hot. That morning we discovered that the heat was already turned on, we had just needed to adjust the thermostat.


* * *

Curtis asked: You hear any coyotes or hooty owls out there last night? Watch out for these birds called roadrunners, I guess they can be pretty annoying and indestructible.

Yes to owls and coyotes. And last night a roadrunner was in the front yard. The most common critters are rabbits and quail (bevies of them). The landscape guy pointed out some javelina (wild pigs) footprints on the side of the house, but we haven't seen any yet. He said to be on the lookout for gila monsters.

* * *

Kevin asked: What was the reason you left San Diego?

Too many people in S.D., and we are seeking a vastly superior quality of life in Arizona.

* * *

firq typed in all lower case letters: the relative ratio of resonance in jw will determine the technoman/primalman shift. is our jwb about to ride into a glorious arizona sunset?

As with most comments by firq, I have no idea what he is referring to. So the answer is probably yes. Maybe no.

* * *

Ron Traweek exclaimed: My god! How far are you from civilization? Is it more than a day to the nearest grocery store?

Although this development has a very rural look and feel, it's not really very far from things. We live three miles from the nearest grocery store, and 4.5 miles to Home Depot. I'll need to drive about 5-6 miles to the bank, and about five miles to the post office.

* * *

Shallow said: And the house merges very well with the scenery.

Yes, the CCRs are very strict about what can and cannot be built. The goal is to make the homes blend into the natural desert. And it works very well.

* * *

Shallow also said: I wonder how it feels to be moving home with this great amount of people "following" you and your activities through this blog.

I'm thinking that only a very small percent of the readers actually care about the stuff I've been posting lately. I'll be back to normal blogging in a few days.

* * *

John Beardsworth asked: Arizona looks bone dry, yet why do you get these rainbows?

July and August in the Sonoran desert is the monsoon season. Most of the annual rainfall occurs in these two months. I haven't actually seen this yet, but everyone says that there will be flash flooding, dry streambeds will be raging torrents, and roads will be closed. It happens very quickly, and then things return to normal. We've been watching the rain and experiencing the wind from your back patio, and it's been amazing. But we've actually gotten very little rain on our property.

Posted on 13 July, 2004