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1 July, 2004

One Million Pennies

News item: A Million Pennies Saved, Nothing Earned.

A California man who collected 1 million pennies for a bet is having a hard time cashing in on his $10,000 fortune.

Ron England has amassed 3.6 tons of copper in his garage in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills after making a bet with his brother 30 years ago that he could collect 1 million pennies.

He can't get rid of those pennies without paying to have them hauled away. And the best part... his brother said:

"I don't remember making the wager."

Posted on 1 July, 2004

4,000 Strikeouts = 1 Fender Strat

New Item: Unit Gets Big Reward.

The Diamondbacks held a special pregame ceremony for Randy Johnson in honor of his 4,000th strikeout on Tuesday, presenting him with a special Fender Stratocaster guitar with Rawlings baseball stitching.

It was a left-handed model.

Posted on 1 July, 2004

Alice Cooper Watches For Sale

Buy one of Alice Cooper's watches.

Every watch has been worn and used by Alice Cooper and are being offered from his personal collection.

Hey, I should do that! The only problem: I think I've owned fewer than a dozen watches in my entire life, and they're all gone except for one --which I never wear. I hate wearing a watch.

(via Exclamation Mark)

Posted on 1 July, 2004

Stealing A Wedding Blog

Jonathan created a wedding blog for his up-coming marriage to Joanne. Matt and Meg are also getting married, but they decided to save some time and effort and simply borrowed Jonathan's design work. As you can see, their wedding blog is remarkably similar to Jonathan's.

What does Jonathan think about that?

�"Best of luck on your marriage built on lies"

(Thanks Bob L.)

Posted on 1 July, 2004

Misdirected Anger

Two days ago I noted that a new Nicholson Baker novel will be available in August. The subject matter of the book (a discussion about assassinating George W. Bush) makes it very controversial.

I also mentioned that I happen to have a fan site devoted to Nicholson Baker. Because of that site, I've received 16 "hate" emails (so far). Some of them are vulgar, some of them appear to be written by high school dropouts, and the authors of some of them seem to think that I'm actually Nicholson Baker. Most are anonymous.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. I suspect that most of these people have no idea who Nicholson Baker is. The book may be good, or it may be a worthless piece of garbage. Who knows? But one thing is certain: none of these correspondents has read it. Yet they feel the need to criticize me simply because I have a Web site about the author of a book they haven't read.

I'm tempted to copy and paste some excerpts from the emails -- but that would only encourage more.

Posted on 1 July, 2004

A Productive Day In Tucson

We're back from a productive day in Tucson. The next time we make that drive it will be going home.

The house is finished, and it's looking great. We were present for a three-hour final inspection, and only a few minor problems were discovered. I signed my name about a dozen more times, and today I wired a huge amount of money to the escrow company. The deal should close today or early tomorrow.

While we were there, we also opened bank accounts, ordered up all the utilities, and even bought some furniture that will be delivered the day we arrive. And I even had time to take some photos.

Posted on 1 July, 2004