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22 June, 2004

Patenting Guitar Shapes

From Forbes: Fender Bender.

Leo Fender, the father of the electric guitar, had many children--figuratively speaking. For decades now, guitar makers have been using his designs over and over, sharing his legacy.

But privately held Fender Musical Instruments, which owns the name to history's most famous electric guitar--the Stratocaster--wants that to stop. Fifty years after the first Strat was sold, the company is claiming that the guitar's shape, as well as that of several other models, belongs to Fender. That's not going over well with its competitors.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

EoS Attack On Microsoft.com

News item: Computer Hackers Launch Enhancement of Service Attack.

A group naming themselves The God Fearing Computer Hackers of Uzbekistan announced today that they were behind the Enhancement of Service Attack launched on the Microsoft.com web site, yesterday.

During the attack, which lasted 65 minutes, users were able to click straight through to the required page, without needing to wait for the page to load.

(Thanks EdH)

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Yes, it's spaghetti ice cream.

Not only is it a delicious ice cream or gelato treat, but it is one of the most wonderful, unusual and coolest desserts you will find anywhere (we've found that it makes ice cream taste creamier). Wouldn't you like to try something new? Wouldn't you like to enjoy ice cream the way millions of Europeans do, without going all the way to Europe? How about impressing your family and friends with a dessert that they have never seen before?

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Spam For Illiterates

If you were in the market for a home loan, would you be tempted by this email?

H*el8alpto dear home owner,

WITe h_av^e beoBeXBn notifi_ed th/at your mor$tgage rate is fixed at a vmkery high interest raJgte. Thered7fore you are current oWverpay[ing, wZphich sumSs-u9Wp to th^o7usRan#ds oZdf doll,ars annu=alpXly .

Luck>ily fXoor yoc4u we can gu%arante0Be th'e lowest r.ates in thIe U.S. (3.5Cn0%). So hurry be8cause the rate foreca)st is not ljooking good!

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Daily Dose Of Imagery

A photoblog: Daily Dose of Imagery.

daily dose of imagery is a simple view of my day to day visual experience. You can simply call it my photoblog. I post one photo a day on this web site. It could be untouched or altered. I started this experimental project as a visual practice.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Molvania Travel Guide

Consider Molvania for your next vacation. It's "a land untouched by modern dentistry."

From the FAQ:

WHERE IS MOLVANIA? It's a small, land-locked republic in eastern Europe, famous as the birthplace of whooping cough. Molvania also produces 83% of the world's beetroot.

HOW DO I GET THERE? Most people get to Molvania either by air and by accident.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Make Money On The Internet!!

Some of the best humor on the Web is unintentional. I'm talking about the thousands of get rich quick sites. Here's an example: Internet Millionaire's Street Smart Secrets.

Master marketer Shawn M. Casey, Esquire takes a different approach. He's not promising millions. He's only promising $1,000.

As an Internet millionaire and 'recovering' attorney, I know. If you want professional guidance that's easy, proven and realistic, I will show you how to make $1,000 in only 15 days -- even if you're just starting out and don't know a mouse from a rat!

I don't understand the mouse and rat part. Maybe it's self-referential?

As with all sites of this nature, it goes on and on and on. It's filled with folksy "straight talk" that appeals to people with sub-80 IQs. He's got the free newsletter, the testimonials, the photo of himself looking successful, the money-back guarantee, the sense of urgency, dozens of exclamation points (I counted 75), the crossed-out price, the free bonuses, and (of course) multiple P.S.'s at the end. He also includes copies of his bank statements to prove that he's not lying.

These guys must have fun writing this drivel.

I'm not sure which is more amusing: The moron who writes this stuff, or the idiots who actually fall for it and send him their money.

If you'd like to see hundreds of other amusing sites, do a Google search for "shawn m. casey."

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Dorky Photos

Tom McMahon posted this photo of Michael Moore that recently appeared on the Drudge Report site.

Tom wrote:

I don't think there are any of us from that era who could survive such an onslaught. We all have photos that look just as dorky.

Yes we do. Here's one of me that my sister sent to my daughter recently. I don't remember when that photo was taken -- probably in the early '70s. I do, however, have a vague recollection of that green turtleneck shirt.

Everyone who reads this is welcome to post a link to their own dorky photo.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Christian Fluids

This is pretty funny: Fluids For Christ.

There is an unmet need in God's community for Christian fluid donations. Blood transfusions from UnChristian donors may have very serious side-effects for even the most devout Christians: backsliding, doubt, and eventual godlessness. (There is debate in the scientific community about this phenomenon, but it can generally be considered to be true.)

(via NewYorkish)

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Enriched Uranium

At McSweeney's: Enriched Uranium: What Every Parent Should Know.


  • Children who participate in sports are 80 percent less likely to procure, produce, and/or deal enriched uranium
  • Enriched uranium is what is known as a gateway element. Children who try enriched uranium are more likely to try plutonium and wine coolers

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Pray For Reason

An anti-Bush site that uses prayer as a weapon: Pray For Reason.

The President of The United States of America takes policy direction from people who are trying to bring about armaggedon. There are nearly 3 million people praying for George W. Bush every day who believe he has been called to his office by some sort of divine power. They believe that God - specifically a Christian God - wants George W. Bush to be President! Our country is falling into the hands of fringe religious zealots whose personal beliefs and goals are not those of the majority of this country.

Pray For Reason is a call to Americans of all religions and belief systems who want to see their country's policies at home and abroad based on facts, history, and reasonable thought processes.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Flatchested Mama

Amy Ellen Trefsger is a performance artist who goes by the name Flatchested Mama. In 2003, she did "100 Hours in a Life-Jacket."

Medium: performance with life-jacket, self, 100 hours, November 26th through the 30th, 2003

Description: 100 hours straight wearing a life jacket. Documented work by photographing myself in front of the same outdoor clock every day at 12:00 and on the final day at 12:00 and 4:00p.m., totaling the 100 hours.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Free Image Hosting

Some people may find this useful: TinyPic.com.

TinyPic.com is a very simple, fast, reliable free image host. It is perfect for linking to auctions, message boards, journals, and other websites. There is no registration or login, all you have to do is submit your picture.

Don't be fooled by the name TinyPic. This does not mean your picture will be tiny, it means the direct link for the picture will be tiny (http://tinypic.com/1). The url is also guaranteed to be unique, so go try it!

Each picture will be deleted from our servers after 10,000 hits or 30 days of inactivity (no hits), whichever comes first

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Spam For The Blind

From Wired: Blind Get Earful of Spam Daily.

Think looking at spam is offensive? Try listening to it.

For the millions of blind and visually impaired Internet users around the world, using text-to-speech software is often the only way to check e-mail. But as the spam problem gets worse, more and more of those users are finding that having their e-mail read aloud can be a minefield.

Posted on 22 June, 2004

Simpsons Voices

On Sunday I caught parts of Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo (between innings of the baseball game). The guests were the people who do the voices for The Simpsons. It was very strange hearing those familiar voices come out of real people.

Here's a site that lists the actors, and the voices they do: The Simpsons Voices And Cast. Shown here is Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart, Nelson, Todd Flanders, and Ralph Wiggum.

Posted on 22 June, 2004