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13 March, 2004

San Juan Capistrano Photos

Today we took a drive to San Juan Capistrano. We didn't see a single swallow. Actually, the big Swallow-fest is next week. I took lots of photos, and you can see some of them here.

The photo below was taken at the Mission. The guy in the costume walks around to add some authenticity to the place. As soon as he sees someone point a camera at him, he poses very nicely.

Posted on 13 March, 2004

A Sidewalk For King George

Jimmy Breslin writes: Money in his coffers, but no dirt on his shoes.

For days now, the job at Eisenhower Park in Nassau County has been to follow the order from the White House through the Secret Service and down to the park workers:

"The president's feet are not to touch the dirt."

So all yesterday, large crews drawn from all county parks worked to ensure that, as always in his life, George Bush's feet do not touch the ground when he appears in the big park today.

Ironically, the event is a groundbreaking ceremony.

Posted on 13 March, 2004

Moog Appreciation

At Reality Carnival: The Official Moog Synthesizer Appreciation Page.

For some reason, I just love photos of complex, Moog synthesizers. Do you? These music synthesizers speak to me. They tells me something about art, technology, and the wonderful mind of humankind. Images of Moog synthesizers remind us of the intricacy of our brains and the awesome promise of tomorrow. Moog synthesizers allow us to transcend space and time.

Posted on 13 March, 2004

Old Radio Ads

At Reel Radio: Listen to nearly an hour of old radio ads, compiled by Joe Evelius.

"For many years I have collected commercials in addition to airchecks, jingles and records. In many ways, commercials are the toughest items to find even though they played such a prominent role on the air. Those jingles seem to stay with people for a long time. I hope this brings more people and their contributions to Reelradio..."

These ads are great. And they really demonstrate the sorry state of current radio advertising.

(via Finger Lickin' Good)

Posted on 13 March, 2004


A bunch of unusual printable mazes to keep your kids occupied.

Posted on 13 March, 2004

Banned On EBay

From the Mercury News: EBay halts auction of Vietnamese girls by Taiwan user.

"There couldn't be a clearer case of what's not allowed on eBay," eBay official Hani Durzy said Friday.

Posted on 13 March, 2004

Recycled Links, Part 22

These links were posted on the J-Walk Blog about a year ago. Good stuff that you may have overlooked.

Posted on 13 March, 2004