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12 March, 2004

Crust Toothpaste

Not Crest, Crust.

The toothpaste is great. But the toothbrush is even better.

The Crust Supreme Ultimate III Toothbrush is the ultimate weapon in the fight against tooth decay. Once you get it's chrome plated handle in your fingers you won't want to put it down. And you won't have to! It doubles as a programmable universal remote control and a cellular phone! Just check out these impressive stats:

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Catholic Baseball Fans

From Yahoo New (I mean Yahoo! News): Church Nixes Good Friday Fenway Hot Dogs.

Opening Day ticket holders at Boston's Fenway Park this year who are Catholic face a dilemma: the Boston Archdiocese said since the afternoon game against the Toronto Blue Jays falls on Good Friday, they must refrain from eating meat, including hot dogs, sausages and pepperoni pizza.

It's been many, many years since I was a Catholic. I had no idea they were still doing the no meat on Friday thing. Or is it just "Good" Friday?

"We're already getting all kinds of requests for dispensation to eat meat," said the Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, a spokesman for the archdiocese. However Coyne said that after a meeting to discuss the requests, Boston church leaders decided a baseball game was too weak an excuse to duck the no-meat rule.

So what would be a good excuse? I guess the Pope would need to BBQ a big batch of ribs for it to be OK.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Friday Five

I haven't done the Friday Five in a while. Here goes.

  1. What was the last song you heard?
    Ani Difranco, "The Bubble." It's playing on WWR right now.
  2. What were the last two movies you saw?
    Brain Fleming's "Nothing So Strange," and... I can't even remember. If concert DVDs count, then it would be Danya Kurtz's, "Postcards From Amsterdam."
  3. What were the last three things you purchased?
    Gas, groceries. That's all I can remember. I don't do much shopping.
  4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
    Send out a stack of PUP orders. Take a drive up to San Juan Capistrano to take photos. Work on Chapter 12 of "Excel VBA Programming For Dummies." Maybe mow the lawn.
  5. Who are the last five people you talked to?
    Pamn. Katlyn. Somebody who just called on the phone. Hmmm... there really must be more than that, but I'm drawing a blank. I don't talk to many people.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Religious Clowns

What is Clowning 4 Christ?

We are a Christ Centered, Bible believing Ministry and our goal is to spread the Gospel through our unique clown performance in the foreign mission field as well as in local churches here in the United States. In addition to our performance ability we also teach a professional level of clowning to all Christian clowns as well as secular clowns.

Secular clowns. I love it.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Cowbell Songs

For those who have been looking for this, here's a big list of songs that contain a cowbell.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

A Jenna Bush Fan

Ricky Vandal's fan site for George W's daughter: I Love Jenna Bush. (Sorry, it's a Geocities site.)

At first I thought it was just a joke site. But after reading more about Ricky Vandal, I'm not sure.

(via List)

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Wipe Out Hippies

Hippie haters should head on over to the Anti-Hippie Action League.

The Anti-Hippie Action League was founded in 1995 with the express purpose of wiping longhairs off the face of the planet, by whatever means deemed appropriate. Society has for far too long neglected to stem the growth of hippie-culture and has thus remained ignorant of the degenerative effects.

With any luck, you'll never have to see a sight like this again.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Most Links In A Blog?

If there were an award for the most links in a single blog, I think Outside the Box would be a shoe-in. It's done by James Hames.

What's it about?

About the interesting promotional items that Variety receives in the mail.

It seems that about 25% of all the words are hyperlinks.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Learn Genetics

OK, you need to learn genetics, but college textbooks are too complicated for you...

Try A Cartoon Guide to Genetics.

San Francisco artist Larry Gonick and UC Davis microbiologist Mark Wheelis use their artistic abilitiy and scientific knowledge to present a humorous look at genetics for a lay audience.

Gonick has generously loaned The Bancroft Library the original art work for The Cartoon Guide to Genetics (1991).

Presented here are sections entitled "The Spiral Staircase" and "Genetic Engineering," specifically referencing the work of Watson and Crick on the DNA double helix, and Cohen and Boyer on recombinant DNA.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Make Bumper Stickers

Go to Sticker Junkie, and create your own vinyl bumper stickers.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Desktop Wallpaper

A very nice collection of desktop wallpaper, in various sizes. The site is in Russian, but don't let that stop you.

(via Coudal Partners)

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Fancy Knots

The Alaska Museum of Fancy Knots. Home of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. Their mission:

To promote the art, craft and science of knotting, it's study and practice.� To undertake research into all aspects of knotting. To establish an authoritative body for consulting purposes.

(via Information Junk)

Posted on 12 March, 2004


Here's the largest list of superstitions on the Web. Here are a few that I've never heard of:

  • If you go to the bathroom in the night with no clothes on, insects will fall on you.
  • Don't wash clothes on New Year's Day, or somebody in your family will pass away.
  • When eating a fish, you should begin at the tail and work towards the head.
  • Never place shoes on a table as it means bad luck for the remainder of the day.
  • If the head of a bed is placed towards the north it foretells a short life, towards the south a long life, the east riches, the west travel.

The head of our bed is to the east. That's good news.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Blog In A Box

From Software Castle: Blog In A Box.

"ANYONE Can Create Their Own Blog Quickly AND Successfully Make A Profit, Even If They Have NO IDEA What A Blog Actually Is"

What exactly is in the box?

  • 20 Pre-Built Blog Templates in Easy-To-Use HTML format complete with PSD files for easy modification to fit your needs in a variety of styles and colors
  • Easy-To-Follow Instruction Guides that take you through all the "Ins" and "Outs" of blogging, How To Begin Profiting From Your Blog, and Beyond
  • A Full Resource List of where to blog, tutorials on blogging, more in depth information about blogs, and More
  • Extensive Collection of Blogging Creation Tools and Blog Enhancement Scripts

Wait a minute! This stuff is already available on the Web for free!

But the real question is: How can I make a profit blogging?

How about we give you Full Resale Rights to Blog In A Box so that it will pay for itself and continue to make a profit for you?

In other words, I can buy this useless product and sell it to other suckers. Just like all of these people on eBay.

How much?

Very Low Special Introductory Price of just $37 $19. This is an amazing value we are offering you. Get your hands on a BRAND NEW product that we believe will exceed our expectations with flying colors due to the increased attention blogs are getting for just a fraction of the regular price of $67.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Big Type Blog

One of my common complaints about Web sites is that the font is too small. But the Angermann2 blog goes in the other direction: the font is too big.

I couldn't find any personal information. Maybe he's visually impaired. In any case, after I resized the font, I found some interesting stuff.

(Thanks firq)

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Visual Mathematics

The Visual Mathematics site has links to other sites that combine art and math. For example, I found The Infinite Art of Janet Parke. Here's an example called Elysium:

Posted on 12 March, 2004

TV Stuff

Have you ever wondered why most TV shows seem the same. Check out Television Tropes, idioms, and Devices. For example, how many times have you witnessed the trope known as "And Another Thing?"

Two characters are in a room having a conversation. One of them makes to leave. But as this character reaches the door, he or she turns back to deliver a final line. Usually this is some bit of exposition that sets up something later in the episode but that the writer couldn't figure out how to work into the scene's main conversation. In some shows there might be several lines of dialog between the two characters as the departing actor tries desperately not to look as though he's loitering in the doorway.

This trope is distinctly different from a good old-fashioned exit line, because the line itself isn't dramatic ("You can't fire me! I quit!") and is often in fact something of a non sequitur, which must be eased into with a phrase like "and another thing" or "by the way."

Sometimes a character actually gets out the door, then comes back in to deliver a line, but this is usually for comedic effect.

Perfected by Detective Columbo as a means of turning the screw on a suspect who is already exasperated by Columbo's shenanigans.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

How To Make Sake

For sake fans: How to homebrew sake.

Homebrew Sake called 'doburoku', rather than hazy Sake', is part of the culture of Japan. Even under the previously strict control of Liquor Tax law, some Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines were brewing their own doburoku to serve at their festivals or ceremonies.

Following is one of the simple Sake brewing procedures for Homebrew Sake:

(via ritilan.com)

Posted on 12 March, 2004


From Wired: Why Sugar Pills Cure Some Ills.

Placebos often make people feel better, but for decades, researchers didn't try very hard to figure out why. A sugar pill, after all, isn't likely to become a best-selling drug or turn a scientist into a star. But now, a new generation of psychiatrists and neurologists is trying to solve the mystery of the placebo.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Kindness Cult

What's the story behind the cult called the Kama Army?

My cult is a cult devoted to niceness. To kindness. To improving the life of a total stranger, if only for a moment or two. I call it The Karma Army, and I encourage my followers to carry out one Random Act of Kindness for a complete stranger, each and every Friday. I call these Fridays 'Good Fridays', and I ask my members to sign The Good Fridays Agreement.

OK, it's Friday. Do something kind for someone. You can even buy the book written by the guy responsible for the Web site. That would be kind.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

Dog Names

From Crazy For Dogs: Names for Your Dog or Puppy.

It's not a comprehensive list. I don't see Fido, Spot, or Rover.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

The Abbie Hoffman Files

From the FBI: Abbie (Abbot) Hoffman. 4,101 pages about Abbie Hoffman (in PDF format).

You can read the file for other famous people.

Posted on 12 March, 2004

More On Bush-Cheney Posters

A few days ago, I posted a link to the Bush-Cheney site, where you can create a custom poster. Here's some more information about it, from� Wonkette: The Sloganator: A Guide. It contains a list of banned words, as well as a simple way to get around the banned words list.

Posted on 12 March, 2004