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2 October, 2003

Mermaid Suit

For $10,000 you can get a mermaid suit from Neiman Marcus.

The custom-designed prosthetic suit fits over the hips and envelopes the legs, creating an extremely realistic blend of female and fish... Our exclusive package also includes a consultation and custom fitting for your suit, expert training in how to swim in it, maintenance and care instructions, and a do-it-yourself repair kit for small touch-ups.

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Posted on 2 October, 2003

Ed's A Greg Brown Fan

A few days ago I mentioned Ed Kemmick's City Lights blog. Today he has an entry about Greg Brown -- an extraordinary singer/songwriter that you've probably never heard of. I hadn't heard of him either until I started listening to Whole Wheat Radio. Now he's one of my favorites.

Note to Ed: If you haven't done so already, you really should check out the Whole Wheat Radio webcast. I think you're a perfect wheathead candidate -- even if you do look like Greg Maddux.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Top 20 Blogs?

David Stonehouse writes: The world's best blogs.

Some estimates say there are about 500,000 blogs in this new frontier called the blogosphere. Golly, even Barbra Streisand has one of them.

So we decided to wade through it and serve up the world's best. It's purely subjective, but what the hell?

We looked for sites that were crisp, clean and pleasing to look at, updated frequently and had original content as well as some kind of universal appeal (that is, not just about America and its politics). Some are sites that have been singled out for excellence before but most of them we found just by surfing the blogs until our eyes went wonky.

He goes on to list his top 20 blogs.

His credibility goes down the tubes immediately. The first blog he lists is Introversion3.0, described as "the slickest blog on the web." You gotta be kidding me! This is a perfectly awful Flash-based site. I don't even know if it's really a blog. The text is so small that I couldn't read a word on my high-res monitor. The best thing about it is that he didn't hijack the browser's Back button.

There are definitely some good blogs on the list that are new to me (e.g., Daryl Cagle's Cartoon Web Log and JinkyArt). But as he said, it's purely subjective.

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Posted on 2 October, 2003

What To Do With A Camera

I found this post at the Nikon SLR Talk forum.

I'm going to take the lens off my D100 and plant a flower in it, use my lenses for paper weights and conscientiously dispose of all of my batteries. Convert my camera bag into a diaper bag and give it away. Give my flashes to the neighbor kids to play with and put my lens cleaning tissue in my wife's purse to clean our glasses with. There is no sense in going on after what I saw today. I am, quiet literally, ashamed to own a camera.

Check out this guy's gallery. It'll save you a lot of money in the future:-)

The gallery he was referring to is by someone known as francis.

As is pointed out in subsequent posts in that thread, many of the photos have been manipulated with Photoshop. To me, that makes no difference at all. These are truly some stunning images. For example, this one:

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Blogger Novelists

I'm sure that there are many bloggers who have written novels. Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing) comes to mind.

Yesterday, two more bloggers announced they they were writing a novel: Glenn (of Hi. I'm Black!) and Kate (of Electric Venom). Hopefully, they will keep us up to date regarding their progress.

I'll admit that I have also toyed with the idea of writing a novel. The story would involve Todd and Myrtle, and also include a psychologist and a detective. It would be in the "comedic murder mystery" genre. And I'm sure it would be a hell of a lot more fun than writing Excel books.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Broken Beauties

Just because you break an arm or a leg doesn't mean you can't still be fashionable. At the Broken Beauties site...

...We partner with your physician to bring you everything you need for your orthopedic injury.

Here's a small sampling of their wares.


Posted on 2 October, 2003

A Napkin Collector

Of all the things in the world to collect, napkins would probably be the last thing I'd think of. Enter the World of Napkins, a collection that includes about 10,000 napkins.

This personal site serve as presentation of my napkins collection. I am proud to introduce you over 2.000 napkins from the whole world. The large sets are theme Christmas, Flowers and Animals.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Fusion Anomaly

Now here's a mesmerizing Java app for your Friday viewing pleasure: Fusion Anomaly.

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Posted on 2 October, 2003

Michael Jackson Scares Kids

This is scary: Jacko's whiter than white.

The 45-year-old singer's complexion drew gasps at the charity event in Beverly Hills. For he was whiter than the white partygoers. Jackson insists his appearance is due to the rare skin disorder vitiligo.

An onlooker said: 'It looked as if he'd dunked his face in a bowl of talcum powder.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Piven's Faces

Seventy-eight portraits by Hanoch Piven. The portrait below is, of course, Jerry Garcia.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

The 50 Worst Towns In The UK

As a special service to my UK readers, I point you to this item from BBC News: UK's 'worst 50' towns revealed.

They have been selected for the dubious distinction of inclusion in a book called 'Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK', published on Saturday.

The worst is Hull.

Hull takes first place - decried by a former resident as "a sad story of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, heroin addiction, crime, violence, and rampant self-neglect"

(Thanks John Beardsworth)

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Animal Congregations

An extensive list of words used to describe a collection of animals. For example, you can have a gang of elk, a bloat of hippopotamuses, a wake of buzzards, a murmuration of starlings, etc.

(Thanks Dick)

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Russian Prison Tattoos

Learn about Russian prison tattoos, and view some photos.

It is not known when tattooing first became a common practice in Russian prisons and Stalinist Gulags. Soviet researchers first discovered and studied this underground activity in the 1920s; photographs of prisoners from that period suggest an already elaborate and highly developed subculture.

More than simple decoration, the images symbolically proclaim the wearer's background and rank within the complex social system of the jailed.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Political Speeches Without Words

Most political speeches are boring. But these are different. You can listen to several speeches by the California governor candidates -- with all of the words removed.

As a part of our public outreach programs, Language Removal Services has here created the first "language-free" political debate. It is our hope that this will allow you to better understand the true positions of the candidates. Below, we present language removals of the leading candidates to replace Davis.

After the words are taken out, all that's left are uh'ss, mm's, and breathing sounds. This is great stuff. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed listening to a politician.

(via Joho The Blog)

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Cooking With High Voltage

Cooking With High Voltage:

Join us as we take a peek into the future when SCIENCE will push the envelope of food preparation, and finally allow us to enjoy the true goodness of the food we eat. How??  By blasting it with high-voltage electricity of course!!!

The image shown here depicts Cajun blackened bologna being prepared.

Turn the stove on and quickly run for cover. Your living room sofa or kitchen table can make a handy blast shield behind which to hide!

Cook at 20,000 volts for three minutes, or until done. Don't leave the stove on for more than six minutes however. If you do....well nevermind. Just don't.

(Thanks Jeroen)

Posted on 2 October, 2003

The Alexa Crawl

Alexa is now selling the internet.

Imagine the entire contents of the world wide web... on disk. The Alexa crawl gives you the ability to tap the world's largest crawl index.

You'll need to be able to handle 60 terabytes of data.

I suspect that there are a few million web site owners who don't appreciate the fact that their copyrighted work is being sold.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Random Picture Gallery

The Random Picture Gallery Experiment. Upload a photo, and its thumbnail appears along with a few hundred others. Click a thumbnail and see a larger image.

Note: As you might expect, not all of these images are suitable for family viewing.

Posted on 2 October, 2003

Toilet Seat Art

For artist Barney Smith, his canvas is the toilet seat. He's been creating artistic toilet seats for 30 years, and has created more than 600 works of art.

The piece shown here honors the Lions Club of Texas.

Posted on 2 October, 2003