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25 September, 2003

That's A Big Boat

From Reuters: World's Largest Cruiser Queen Mary II Puts to Sea.

The biggest and most expensive cruise ship ever -- Queen Mary II -- set out to sea on Thursday, just days after a deal between France and the European Union saved its makers from immediate bankruptcy.

Thousands watched as the giant $800 million cruise liner, which stretches the length of four football fields, left Saint Nazaire in western France for a three-day test run. Six tugboats pulled the Queen Mary II to sea, with the ship standing as high as a 23-story building.

The ship needs to be ready for prime time by December.

The ship is already booked for its maiden voyage, with passengers paying between $3,500 and $55,000 for the trip.

You can take a virtual tour of the ship at Cunard's site.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Internet Business Builder

I found the Internet Business Builder Gazette site in my referral logs (it has a link to my Nigerian Email Conference spoof). It's another one of those cheesy "make money on the Internet" sites. Actually, it's an "eZine," and it has lots of ads that lead to other equally cheesy sites. The ads have spam-worthy headlines such as:

  • This Income Plan ROCKS!
  • Tired of Fools, Fakers and Big Mouths?
  • You Can Gain Complete Control of Your Biz!
  • Up to 4 Cents Per Email

This site is run by Ken Denton, in Phoenix. He even provides his phone number and address if you'd like to get in touch.

In case you haven't noticed, I love these kinds of sites. They're all run by "marketing pros," and they all claim to have some amazing secret. And they're all very funny. But what really sets them apart is their use of exclamation points! The current issue of Ken's eZine contains 81 exclamation points!!!!

You can get a free subscription to eZine!

By subscribing, you agree to receive solo ads from your fellow subscribers. They have agreed to receive yours too!

Such a deal!

In addition to writing his eZine, Ken also has his own secret formula for success. It even contains the phrase, "But wait, there's more!" and it has an "ironclad 30 day moneyback guarantee."

Ah, isn't the Internet fun?

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Vintage Oriental

See the Old Orient Gallerie

The world's largest collection of vintage Chinese and Japanese advertising and calendar art. All faithfully and expertly restored and offered herewith as high-resolution reproductions.

Here are a couple of beer ads.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

297 Mbytes of Spam

Brad has been collecting spam.

Since January 1, I've not only been counting my spam receipts, I've been saving them. Right now, I've got an archive totalling some 297 megabtyes of crap. My original thought was that the aggregate file would be handy to use as fodder for a spam filter, as a means of training it to recognize the dreck. But, truly, SpamAssassin has been doing a bang-up job for me since I began using it, and I can't fathom that feeding it 71,000 junk messages is going to make it appreciatively better.

So, what should I do with all this spam?

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Picture History

View (and buy) images from 200 years of American history at Picture History -- the "primary source for history online."

Posted on 25 September, 2003


If you carry a concealed weapon, you may be interested in Thunderwear.

Thunderwear was designed by a wearer. It provides a stable platform for the most comfortable, concealed carry possible. We anchor the weight around the hipbones, (not on the soft tissue of your waist). This distributes the weight of your weapon (and extra magazine) evenly around the hips at the center of gravity. The weapon is worn in the front, on the centerline. This way it will not interfere with normal or rigorous activity.

The standard model, shown here, is only $44.95.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Outsider Videos

Top 10 Outsider Videos.

For example, you can watch Orsen Wells try to do a Paul Masson commercial when he's very drunk. Or maybe the best of the worst Star Search audition tapes. And even the president of Winnebago trying to film a commercial.

Caution: Some contain naughty language.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Jokes For Accountants

Yes folks, there really is a collection of Jokes For Accountants. Example:

Q. What's an accountant's idea of trashing his hotel room?

A. Refusing to fill out the guest comment card.

But then again, some people can find humor in anything. Proof: Spreadsheet Jokes.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Victorian Hairstyles

Grooming wasn't always as easy as it is today. Check out Hairstyles of Victorian Men.

While men today claim that women are the primpers, perhaps the men in the Victorian period took a little greater interest in a fashionable appearance.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Spam U Alumni Song

Larry, at Love and the Happy Cynic blog, contributed an alumni song for Spam University. It's reproduced here in its entirety, but the version at Larry's site is much more interesting because it has hyperlinks for many of the words.

Hail to thee our alma mater
Long may good old Spam U thrive
We can make your income greater
And improve your low sex drive

Near the muddy Mississippi
Is the campus that we love
We get our degrees so zippy
And make fortunes undreamed of

Viruses and the cure for 'em
Porn and loans, we'll spam it all
They won't know where it all came from
As we all laugh at their firewall

We the Skunks are on the 'net
And we will never look forlorn
'Cause we know that it's a sure bet
With every click a sucker's born

You say you've never heard of Spam University?

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Microsoft Critic Canned

This is kind of interesting: Author of report critical of Microsoft loses job.

The chief technology officer for a technology firm that works closely with Microsoft Corp. lost his job after he helped write a study critical of the insecurity of Microsoft software. Daniel E. Geer Jr., an expert with nearly three decades studying technology and computer security, learned Thursday he was no longer employed by AtStake Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.

But critics said Geer's firing was reflective of Microsoft's far-reaching ability in Washington and across the technology industry to silence experts who complain about weaknesses in its software or its aggressive business practices.

So the secret's now safe. Nobody will know that Microsoft software has security problems.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

CD Sleeves

A company called Very Cool, sells inkjet printer templates that can be folded into a CD sleeve.

All CD Sleeves may be printed in full color from edge to edge (full bleed) front and back. When layout is finished just print, separate, fold, peel, seal, and you're in business! Each kit comes with perforations to eliminate cutting, scores for accurate and easy folding, and peel off adhesive tape that eliminates messy gluing.

(via Scott Andrews)

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Making Charcoal

For do-it-yourself types: Dan Gill describes how to make charcoal at home.

You really can make your own charcoal at home - even if you live in the suburbs! If you use the indirect method, which burns the gasses, and use a clean burning fuel (such as natural or LP gas) the emissions are mostly water vapor with very little smoke. It is not difficult to do and, even when burning waste wood to provide the carbonizing heat , the process requires less time and attention than barbecuing a rack of ribs in a wood burning smoker.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

A Prisoner's Diary

View scanned images from an old prisoner's diary.

Private William D. Huff enlisted with the Confederate army in June 1861 in the 13th Louisiana Infantry and was captured at the Battle of Chickamauga in Georgia on September 20, 1863. He began his diary as he entered Camp Douglas in Chicago, Illinois, and ended it when he was paroled and returned to his Louisiana home in May 1865.

The diary has lots of drawings, including the one shown here. It depicts a type of "light punishment" for rebels.

(via Obliterated)

Posted on 25 September, 2003

The Do Not Call List Fiasco

The national anti-telemarketer Do Not Call list was on. Then it was off. Then it was on again. Now it's off again. See: Do Not Call list gets blocked ...again.

No big deal. That list would have only a minor impact on the number of telemarketing calls.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

All-You-Can-Eat Crabfest

From the Wall Street Journal: Red Lobster Endless Crab Offer Gobbled Up Chain's Profits.

Be careful when offering an all-you-can-eat promotion. The consequences can be costly. Darden Restaurants Inc. (DRI) admitted as much late Wednesday as it lowered current-quarter earnings guidance and announced it had replaced the president of its Red Lobster chain after an endless crab promo went awry.

The entree wasn't cheap: Prices ran more than $20. So customers kept refilling their plates, and Red Lobster's operating profits went into the tank.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

Mind-Control Protection

Software that protects you from mind-control? You betcha. It's called MindGuard.

Welcome to the MindGuard website, your source for the award-winning MindGuard family of anti-mind-control software for Amiga and Linux computers. Developed by Lyle Zapato during the psychotronically turbulent early 1990s, MindGuard offered Amiga-using paranoids the world over a new opportunity to think free of evil influences using advanced Active Anti-Psychotronic (AAP) software, theretofore only available to mind-control agents and paranoid millionaires.

They really need a Windows version.

Posted on 25 September, 2003

The Cheapest Of The Cheap Real Estate

Somebody sent me one more cheap real estate listing. This multi-family dwelling is in Detroit, and it was built in 1928. It's listed for $1.00, but they may be flexible on the price.

Update: Well it used to be listed for $1.00. Now it's showing $8,000. I guess they got so many hits from this site that they figured it was a hot property and raised the price.

Posted on 25 September, 2003