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19 September, 2003

An Expensive Keyboard

Amazon is selling this Keytronic keyboard for $1 million.

And check out the user reviews. For example:

I purchased this keyboard on a whim and man was it the best million I've ever spent. THIS KEYBOARD CURES CANCER. It has a button on it that summons Jesus to come and talk to you. WARNING: Don't play BF1942 with Jesus; has the walk-on-water hack. He can also fly and see through walls. This Keyboard changes the oil in your car and makes a killer rump roast. It can also potty train your dog and your kids while serving up SoftServe ice cream (vanilla only as of this writing).

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Burning Man 2002 Photos

Lovemonkey's photos of Burning Man 2002. Some of these are very good.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

The FBI Files

The FBI Files site is not run by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can...

Search the FBI's files on celebrities, famous events in world history, unexplained phenomena, and more!  Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act these files have been made public, and we've posted the best here for you to browse through. The U.S. Government kept these files under lock and key for years! Find out what was previously "off-limits" to the American public!

All of the files are in PDF format.

(via Volume 22)

Posted on 19 September, 2003

New And Improved WWR Button

A few days ago I added a WWR button to the sidebar on the left. Click the button to find out what song is currently being played on the Whole Wheat Radio webcast.

That button has now been replaced with a new and improved button. Not only that, the song data is now in XML format (thanks for the programming, Jim!).

What's playing on Whole Wheat Radio? - Old Button

What's playing on Whole Wheat Radio? - New and Improved Button

Clicking the brown button displays the XML file (in a pop-up resizable window), which uses an XSL style sheet to format the the XML data so it's viewable. Most of the time, the window will display a photo of the artist, and a link that takes you to the artist's web site. In addition, the window has links that let you listen to the webcast. There's also a "refresh" link that, when clicked, fetches the current data.

Feel free to copy the button and the underlying HTML/JavaScript.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

CD Copy Protection

From PC Pro: BMG trials new CD copy protection.

Music giant BMG, the US subsidiary of Bertelsmann, is testing a new form of DRM in the US... The new CD will contain two copies of each song. One can be played but not copied. The other can be stored on a PC, moved to portable players and burned to three new discs

And here's the funny part:

The snag is that those three discs are unprotected and can be copied and distributed ad infinitum. It has occurred to developers SunnComm Technologies that this might be a flaw in the system and is looking to fix it.

Equally funny is this quote from the original press release.

"The consumer experience is BMG's top priority," said Thomas Hesse, Chief Strategic Officer, BMG.

I have to laugh at these idiots who think that applying DRM technology to CDs will have any impact at all. Most simply won't buy their crap. Those who do will find a way around the restrictions. No one is going to view a crippled CD as an enhancement to the "consumer experience."

I have lots of CDs that I purchased 20 years ago, and they still work perfectly. Does anybody really believe that the DRM technologies that exist today will still be working 20 years from now? Of course not.

There is only one solution: Nobody should buy products that rely on DRM. It's that simple.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Attention All Rats!

A message for all the rats in the world:

Go ahead, try it. Try to get into my garden shed.

It's impossible. Every little entry hole that you used to use in has been boarded up. And now the door closes tightly -- even the warped part at the bottom. So now you guys will need to find a new place to build your nests and leave your droppings.

Be thankful I didn't resort to the traps...

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Date Nails

The Nailhunter is into date nails. What's a date nail?

Date Nails were used for showing ownership, treatment purposes, Identification, sequencing poles and bridge timbers. Dating ties and poles for replacement purposes. Some nails show the height of a pole, or the wood it is made from. This is just a few of the many uses for Date Nails.

Shown here are some date nails from Long Bell, found in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

Posted on 19 September, 2003


Now this is some impressive stuff: TerraFly.

TerraFly changes the way you view your world. Simply enter an address, and our system will put you at the controls of a new and innovative way to explore your digital earth.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

An Odd Name For A Perfume

Snopes discusses a perfume with a rather suggestive name, made by French Connection United Kingdom.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Positive About Fat

Here's a blog I ran across the other day: Big Fat Blog, by Paul McAleer.

Big Fat Blog is a blog which links to and gives opinions on articles dealing with fat, as a general rule. There are hundreds of articles out there that perpetuate the "fat = bad" myth and Big Fat Blog really tries to offer up a fat-positive opinion.

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Old Stuff

Old stuff buffs might like the Reverse Time Page.

I am a collector, a hunter-gatherer, a pack-rat. I like old radios, clocks, tubes, electrical gadgets, and things related, like advertising and promotional items, and old photographs. I created this site to showcase some of my more interesting and unique acquisitions. I hope you find it interesting and educational.

Shown here is a Twinface clock.

As the name implies, Twinface clocks had two identical faces and could be viewed from either side. They were just the thing for the modern home or office and embodied the efficiency ethic of the 1930's streamline era. Why buy two clocks when one would do?

Like many electric clocks of the time, these are not self starting. Twinfaces have a lever on the side which must be depressed and released to start the motor. The time was set from below

Posted on 19 September, 2003

Info By Phone

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time on the Net. It's easy to forget about old-fashioned information sources such as the telephone. Here's a good one: 1-800-555-TELL (and this phone number has a web site).

Dial the number, and within seconds, you can listen to a variety of information. The main categories are stock quotes, news, sports, entertainment, and travel. It uses voice recognition so you don't even have to press any buttons.

For example, I wanted to find out the Padres score. I dialed the number, said "sports," followed "baseball," and then "Padres." I guess it misunderstood me, because it told me about the Dodgers game. But when I interrupted and said "San Diego," I got the score. Then I said "tell me more," and listened to a concise game summary.

Impressive! The only think I don't understand is how/why they do it. I was expecting to hear advertisements -- but I didn't.

Posted on 19 September, 2003