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11 September, 2003

Time Tales

What is Time Tales? It's...

...a collection of found photographs. found at fleamarkets, thriftshops, some are scooped up from streets and alleyways, fallen from an overstuffed bag or torn pocket. others turn up in a cabinet's hidden compartment, found while wandering the rooms of an abandoned house. now the photos exist by themselves, lost in time. time tales does not want to reveal their mysteries. time tales asks to be the new home for lost photos, a resting place, for the nameless and the lost.

Shown here is an unknown (but apparently very happy) woman posing in front of a giant redwood tree. The photo was found in a thrift store in Germany by a guy from the Netherlands.

(via Idle Type)

Posted on 11 September, 2003

RIAA Amnesty Form

You've probably heard that the RIAA will grant amnesty to file swappers who complete an amnesty form, have it notarized, and send it in along with a photo ID. No one in their right mind would do that, of course.

UserFriendly created an RIAA Amnesty Form -- called FORM UR-SCROO D.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Messenger Stopper

I guess some people will actually pay $19.95 for this Messenger Stopper software.

By the time you dig out your credit card and fill out the order form, you could have done it yourself by following the instructions at Microsoft's site for Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Time Lapse Photography

This is pretty cool: Time Lapse Photography With a QuickCam.

Now, a while ago I got an old parallel port Logitech Colour QuickCam at a computer flea market for $10. There's a very versatile command-line Linux driver for it. This begs experimentation.

He combines the still images into a movie. Two examples are available.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Anvil Dropping

What happens when you drop a heavy weight on electronics equipment. Find out.

This page is about crushing small pieces of electronics by dropping a large steel weight on them. I didn't actually use a real 'anvil' for this, but I figure the term 'anvil dropping', evocative of Bugs bunny Road Runner cartoons, is a fitting title for the activity.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Design A Roller Coaster

Create a roller coaster, and then you'll see it rated in terms of safety and fun. The coaster I designed was rated thumbs down in both categories.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

For Rum Lovers

Take a look at Peter's Gallery of Rum Labels. An extensive collection, nicely classified by country of origin. Pretty impressive! Shown here is a label from Foxy's Rum, made in the Virgin Islands.

(via Cloudal Partners)

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Free 9/11 DVD

Get a free DVD copy of the documentary, "Up From Zero," courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor.

"Up From Zero" is a documentary film that pays tribute to the brave men and women of the New York City building trades who put themselves on the line on September 11, 2001 - and for nine months afterward - to reclaim Ground Zero.

They even pay for shipping.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Ping Pong?

I'll be the first to admit that I don't understand this Japanese ping pong video. But it gets better as it progresses. I think it has something to do with The Matrix.

(Thanks Jody Cairns)

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Regrettable Tattoos

A recent Worth 1000 Photoshop contest: Regrettable Tattoos.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

A Poetic Corporation

Supermask Co., Ltd is a Chinese company that has a rather interesting corporate page. Almost poetic. For example, here's an excerpt from the address of the general manager:

There is a fragrant rare flower standing in the garden of Shenzhen Silicon Valley. She is watered with resources combining strong capital with high-tech. She has graceful framework composed of modern advanced equipment...

(Thanks Rick)

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Color Domains

Did you ever wonder who owns the domain names for colors?

  • red.com - a single-page graphic. Owner not readily apparent.
  • orange.com - This must be a joke site. I clicked at least a dozen links in an attempt to figure out what it was. And I still don't know.
  • yellow.com - Yellow pages. It's just a portal site that lets you search other sites for information.
  • green.com -  Redirects to Green Mountain Energy
  • blue.com - Not really sure what this is. Perhaps a travel site?
  • indigo.com - Buy education supplies
  • violet.com - A dead link
  • magenta.com - A server dedicated to Unix shell accounts
  • white.com - Redirects to www.index.com, a portal site which calls itself "the Web's home page!" Yeah, right.
  • black.com - Blackcat's Place. It actually looks kind of interesting. Maybe I'll check it out later.
  • gray.com - Home site of Gray Tech Focus, a consulting firm.
  • brown.com - A clothing store for people who are named Brown.
  • pink.com - Redirects to a porn site
  • purple.com - Just an empty page with a purple background.
  • gold.com - A Jewelry store
  • silver.com - A brokerage service

Update: Several people informed me that orange.com is a cell phone network in the UK. Also, the purple.com site actually has some content if you're able to guess that the document is named index2.htm.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Social Hygiene Posters

You'll see some great images here: American Social Hygiene Posters, from 1910-1970. This one is from 1940, produced by the American Social Health Association -- an organization that still exists.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Bush Mosaic

This is a rather crude, but somehow fitting, mosaic of George W. Bush.

Warning: Don't click if you're easily offended or if you're a Bush supporter.

Posted on 11 September, 2003

A Home Made Pipe Organ

Matthias Wandel built an organ: The story of my homebrew pipe organ.

Everybody in my family teased me about even considering building an organ, and to tell the truth, I wasn't so totally sure at this point either. I did experiment with slowing down the vacuum cleaner motor...

Posted on 11 September, 2003

Google Recipe Search

Here's an interface for a Google Recipe Search. But it's a bit disappointing. All it does is ask for a food or ingredient, and then it adds the word "recipe" to the search string that's submitted to Google. I've been doing that for years.

I'll bet cookbook sales have really fallen off in recent years. You can find a recipe for anything on the Web. Not that I've ever actually followed a recipe. I just use them as a starting point and do my own thing. So far, no complaints.

(via Carol's Chaotic Collection of Curiosities)

Posted on 11 September, 2003

He Walked The Line

Music legend Johnny Cash died this morning. I've enjoyed his music for a long time. In recent years, his style had changed -- more acoustic/folk than pure country.

This morning I listened to his American 3: Solitary Man CD. I hadn't heard it in a long time, and I forgot how good it is. His version of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" is better than the original.

So R.I.P., Johnny Cash.

At my door the leaves are falling
A cold wild wind has come
Sweethearts walk by together
And I still miss someone

Posted on 11 September, 2003