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9 September, 2003

Why I Can't Stop This Blog

Yesterday I announced that it was over. Today I turn the zebra around and announce that I'm back.

Regular blogging activities will resume tomorrow.

No, it wasn't a publicity stunt to generate some attention. I fully intended to stop posting. But then the emails started coming in. Within 24 hours I received about 75 messages from all over the world. And they touched me. I really had no clue as to the type of impact this stupid blog has on people. I've saved the emails, and if you're really bored you can read them.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Don't tell me to Boing Boing... I have tried Boinging, but I prefer J-Walking. it just more my style.
  • Regarding the statement about renewing your faith in the Internet, the feeling out here is mutual.
  • Your Blog's clear layout, lack of unnecessary technical frippery and useful editorials could be a lesson for many a website out there.
  • Far more work seemed to have gone into your Blog than into any other that I've read and I will miss my daily dose intensely.
  • Most of the waves I've surfed in the last 6 months started at J-Walk blog.
  • J-Walk is a quality site - the web needs more J-Walks, not less. Dang. Ugh. Dang.
  • Please reconsider! The world is too weird! We need your valuable news service! Turn that zebra around and dig in your spurs!
  • Well I am glad that your blog did not fade away it would loose the J-walk mystique that your blog had developed over the year.
  • Boing Boing is way over-rated, John. It may get 10 times as many people, but yours is (was) 10 times better. Good luck to you, man.
  • Yours was a quality blog. There are only about 12 of those. Really!
  • Don't kid yourself when you said you didn't say anything profound, because I learned a lot and most importantly laughed a lot, and making people laugh is not a small thing.
  • This blog showed me there are still cool independent people in Bush's America
  • I saw that zebra's ass this morning and was overcome with a sadness than I never thought a web page could evoke. For me, and I'm sure plenty others, j-walk was a place I could kick back for a while and geek out, be humoured, amazed or just plain tickled.
  • The whole Internet will never be the same (or as good) again.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. And I apologize for not replying to this sudden influx of emails.

And thanks to all the bloggers who noted my departure: About Face, Anita Rowland, Danielle's Friends, The Dax Files, Erasers Edge, Exclamation Mark, Eyno's Blog, Five Acres With a View, Hi. I'm Black!, Hiddenpcmaster's Headquarters, Ikastikos, Jeroen's Semi-Blog, Love and the Happy Cynic, Master Of The House, Off On A Tangent, Ober Dicta, One Pot Meal, Paige's Page, The Presurfer, Side Salad, Solipsism Gradient, Karen J.H. Thistle, Triple-S Blog, Verdantweb, Volume 22, World Famous in the Phillippines, Yaak, and YAWN!

Yesterday I used my extra time to clean up my home office -- a task I had been putting off for about 11 months. The lawn won't need mowing for another two weeks.

Posted on 9 September, 2003