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1 September, 2003

UFO Comics Gallery

The Computer UFO Network presents the UFO / Flying Saucer Comics Cover Gallery.

We present this image catalog of comic books with UFO/Flying Saucer cover art in the sincere belief that collectors and other interested parties will enjoy the images presented here.

The image of the UFO/Flying Saucer appears in an enormous number of everyday items, and this has been so for a very long time. This gallery is an attempt to make available a decent sized sample of comic book covers featuring a UFO/Flying Saucer image. As you will see, treatment of the subject varies widely even within this narrow segment of items.

In 1980, even Richie Rich got into the act.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Office 2003 Poll

I found out about this free polling site from Venomous Kate. So... let's do a poll!

What are your plans for
 Microsoft Office 2003?

I will definitely upgrade to Office 2003
I might upgrade to Office 2003
I probably won't upgrade to Office 2003
I will definitely not upgrade to Office 2003
I use something other than Microsoft Office
I have no use for this type of product


Free polls from Pollhost.com

Note: Voting or viewing the results may result in a pop-up ad. That's why it's a free service.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Bad Toon Rising

Bad Toon Rising...

...is a collection of drawings of well-known cartoon characters produced by amateur artists entirely from memory and without any reference materials whatsoever. We can all picture what Mickey Mouse or the Pink Panther look like in our minds, but getting that image down on paper is another matter! Never mind, we think that some of the worst drawings are the best.

Shown here is somebody's drawing of Homer Simpson.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Giving Up On Email?

Dan Gillmor: Spamming sleazebags ruining email.

There's talk of an entirely new architecture for e-mail, one that would require authentication, among other things, to help track the bad guys. Tempting as that sounds, it would be a huge chore to pull off -- and it would take away anonymity, which we need to preserve if we want to preserve some vital liberties.

I, for one, would be happy to give up anonymity if it meant an end to spam and viruses. During the past week, my incoming email has just about quadrupled -- and 98% of it is spam and viruses.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Stupid Quotes

A nice collection of actual stupid quotes. A few samples:

  • "I invented the internet". - Al Gore, former U.S. Vice President
  • "Solutions are not the answer." - Richard Nixon, former U.S. President
  • "You can't just let nature run wild." - Wally Hickel, former Alaska governor
  • "Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything." - Ivana Trump, on finishing her first novel

(Thanks Jody Cairns)

Update: Several people have sent me this URL from Snopes. The article refutes the widely-cited Al Gore quote.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Etch-A-Sketch Drawing

Absolutely incredible and amazing drawings done on an Etch-A-Sketch.

Each work is created on an Etch-A-Sketch that takes between 60-70 hours to complete... It is one continuous line that continues to amaze the world.

(via Tom McMahon)

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Ringnalda on the Music Business

Phil Ringnalda: How I wish it could be.

I can see, perfectly clearly, how musicians could make a comfortable living touring and selling CDs at shows and online, making enough songs available to download for free that people could get an idea of what they sound like, but I can't see how a system like that, without marketers and publicity blitzes and payola and product placement and everything else the music industry does, could produce the equivalent of Brit--- Sp----, where most of the pleasure must be the comfort of knowing that it has to be good, because everyone else likes it, and you see her everywhere you turn.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

The Bag Bed

Detailed instructions on how to make a bed from plastic bags.

Finally, a useful way to recycle my mountain of plastic bags.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Support For Spammers

From Wired: A Support Group For Spammers.

Reviled by Internet users, scorned by Internet service providers, and hounded by antispam activists -- spammers are apparently seeking comfort in numbers.

Since the beginning of the year, over 150 junk e-mailers have joined The Bulk Club, an online service that offers tips, tools and a community for spammers, according to a membership list accidentally left exposed at the club's website.

And here's the link to The Bulk Club, where you'll find this notice:

Please Note: The Bulk Club does not promote any portion of this site via bulk email period. It is against our hosting providers terms of service to do so and we will not tolerate anyone who abuses these rules on our web site.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Animated Drawing

Watch a woman being drawn in this animated GIF. This is very cool!

(via Attu)

Posted on 1 September, 2003


Noney is the people's currency.

Trade your goods and services - including drawings, paintings, sculpture, music, books, writings, food, films, prints, instruments, supplies and elsewhat - for Noney:

(via Boing Boing)

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Ugliest Web Site in the World?

The Planet Yachats InterNat World might be the ugliest web site in the world.

Posted on 1 September, 2003

Magazine Cover Galleries

If you like to browse through magazine covers...

Posted on 1 September, 2003