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15 August, 2003

Dead Legends

On this date in 1938, blues legend Robert Johnson died. And 39 years later, Elvis Presley kicked the bucket. Practically everyone know about Elvis, but hardly anyone knows about Robert Johnson.

Many will disagree, but I think Robert Johnson had a greater impact on music than Elvis.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

The Sony F828

Coming soon, the Sony F828 -- an 8-megapixel digital camera. It produces images up to 3,264 x 2,448. For the first time, Sony uses a non-proprietary storage system.

The F828 uses either the proprietary Sony Memory Stick (compatible with Memory Stick PRO) or CompactFlash Type I or II cards for image storage. The camera is also compatible with the IBM MicroDrive. CompactFlash cards insert into a compartment on the right side of the camera, while the Memory Stick slot is tucked away inside the battery compartment

And it's black, just like a "real" camera. I think it may be time to upgrade my F707.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Spam Radio

For those who just can't get enough spam. Spam Radio is a streaming webcast that uses a synthesized voice to read spam, accompanied by music.

Spamradio is serving up delicious helpings of spam each hour of every day to all who are hungry. Using a complex arrangement of pipes and funnels we turn the junk mail that we receive into a streaming audio broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere on the Internet.

What a great concept! Apparently, this has been online for about 18 months.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Scary Quotes

Positive Atheism's Big List of Scary Quotations. Actually, most of these quotes are more amusing than they are scary. For example, this one is attributed to Cardinal Robert Bellarmine, who was born in 1542:

"To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin."

Or this one, uttered by Margaret Bowen in 1925. She was referring to a visit by the Messiah to Hollywood:

"If Christ does not appear to meet his 144,000 faithful shortly after midnight on February 6th or 7th, it means that my calculations, based on the Bible, must be revised."

And, of course, Pat Buchanan is good for several quotes, including this one:

"The real liberators of American women were not the feminist noise-makers, they were the automobile, the supermarket, the shopping center, the dishwasher, the washer-dryer, the freezer."

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Old Domain Names

Here's a list of the 100 oldest .com domain names that are currently registered. The oldest is symbolics.com, registered in March, 1985.

(via Gammatron)

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Tribal Art

Indigo Arts has many galleries of tribal art and folk art.

Welcome to the many worlds of Indigo. We hope you enjoy exploring our galleries. Indigo celebrates color, texture, and the boundless creativity of the human spirit, with an international bazaar of art and artifacts collected from Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Shown here is a Demon Mask from Bali, made from wood, plywood, oil and water-based paints.

Check out the collection of African barbershop signs.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

The Rumor Mill

The Rumor Mill News Agency uses this tag line:

Politically Incorrect news -- Stranger than Fiction -- Usually True!

Currently, they're following the blackout.

This is only the beginning of the Neo-Con Terrorism scenario. Expect unknown contamination of water supplies, food shortages, etc. with no plausible (pronounced "truthful") explanations.

Why? Far too many people are finding out that the falsified "Wag the Dog" stories regarding Afghanistan, Iraq, and 911 are leading back to Washington City as the source. That means Americans are realizing they've been conned. Because of that, the fake Osama and Sadaam terrorist plans from Washington City are falling apart.

This goes well beyond a rumor, and is clearly in "conspiracy theory" territory.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Scott and Helen Are Married

Getting married is a big deal. But I think Scott and Helen may have gone a bit overboard when they set up an official web site for their marriage.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

Some Big Glasses

For just under $100, you can get a wine glass that's 21.5-inches tall. Or, some people may prefer an equally large martini glass.

Now is your chance to own this Giant Wine Glass. This Stunning Maxi Bordeaux Wine Glass fits over 13 Bottles of Wine.

Posted on 15 August, 2003

The Other Blackout

Almost 40 years ago, there was another blackout: The Great Northeast Blackout of 1965.

The northeast power system broke up 4 seconds after the initial disturbance, and 30 million people were without electricity for as long as 13 hours.

Posted on 15 August, 2003