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4 July, 2003

Counting the Species

The All Species Foundation is...

...a non-profit organization dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years - a human generation. To describe and classify all of the surviving species of the world deserves to be one of the great scientific goals of the new century.

So how's it coming? According to their FAQ:

Since the first modern scientific surveys of life on Earth begun by Linnaeus and his contemporaries in the mid-eighteenth century, ~1.7 million species have been identified and described. Estimates of undiscovered species on Earth range from 10 million to 100 million and The US National Science Board (1989) predicted that as many as 25% or more of the Earth's species may become extinct by 2014. 

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Corpses For Sale

Buy a corpse from Di Stefano Productions.

Each corpse is Hand Crafted and is very durable in construction. Total attention to detail is seen in certain features such as nostril cavities and fingernails that are imbedded into the decaying skin. The corpse is fully articulated so the head turns from side to side, the mouth opens and will snap shut, all the limbs move and the fingers can be bent into different positions.

Very realistic. Check out the corpse gallery for some excellent photos.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Tech News Portal

The Daily Rotation displays headlines and links to more than 200 tech sites.

You pick the sites. We snag the headlines.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Human Body Parts For Sale

From CNN: What's your body worth? Try $45 mil.

It may be illegal, immoral and certainly ill-advised, but selling every usable part of your body could fetch upward of $45 million, according to a survey in the August issue of Wired magazine.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

The Amazon Goodie Box

A new product at amazon.com: The Goodie Box.

Grab-bag style assortment promotional items. Items are selected by software publishers. At least two items in every box. Items are selected at random.

Pay $9.99 for it, and then fill out a $10 rebate form. But, according to the reviews, it's not worth your time.

Amazingly, this item is currently ranked #6 in terms of sales.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Hubble Heritage

Fascinating images via the Hubble telescope.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

The National Postal Museum

Part of the Smithsonian Institution: National Postal Museum.

The National Postal Museum is divided into five galleries that explore America's postal history from colonial times to the present. The galleries show how mail has been transported, emphasize the importance of letters, and spotlight the creation and wondrous diversity of postage stamps.

Posted on 4 July, 2003


Here's an interesting anti-Disney site.

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Innovations in Air Fresheners

How about meat air fresheners?

What's with all these air fresheners with names like "Lilac Ambrosia" or "Daffodil Delight?" Give us a freakin' break! We know what scents get us going, and "Rosewater Rhapsody" isn't one of them.

If you want to really know what makes our bacon sizzle, just sizzle some bacon. Mmmmmmm. That's the ticket. Now you can get air fresheners that capture the fragrance you really crave... MEAT!

Posted on 4 July, 2003

An Office 2003 Developer Contest

Enter Microsoft's new contest, and win a car.

Get the Beta 2 of Microsoft Office System -- and start today on developing new solutions using its cool new developer technologies. Plus, enter for the chance to win great prizes. Whether it's XML, Web Services, Visual Studio integration, or any of the other must-have dev capabilities in Microsoft Office System, you'll wonder how you got your enterprise apps done without them!

That's odd. Companies have gotten along just fine without using any of these new-fangled development tools.

Posted on 4 July, 2003


At SpeedDater, you can create a face for your DreamGirl or DreamBoy. For example:

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Dead Malls

This site focuses on dead malls. A dead mall is:

A mall with a high vacancy rate, low consumer traffic level, or is dated or deteriorating in some manner.

(via Muxway)

Posted on 4 July, 2003

Jack Nicholson Everywhere

A new Photoshop contest at Worth1000: 6 Degrees of Jack Nicholson.

Posted on 4 July, 2003