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21 December, 2002

Local Man Turning Into Tiger

A programmer named Dennis Smith (who lives in San Diego) is attempting to turn himself into a tiger with tattoos and cosmetic surgery. Full story

Dennis Smith is tattooed from head to toe with orange and black stripes and his teeth have been filed to needle point. He has also had latex whiskers implanted and surgery to his lips so he has a permanent snarl. He now wants a surgeon to graft tiger fur on to his skin, like a perma-wig.

Mr Smith, who has changed his name by deed poll to Cat Man, said: "I have a collection of old tiger pelts from the days of hunting. I want these grafted on to me. It will cost another $100,000 but will be worth it. "When I have the coat of a tiger, I feel I will have reached my goal in life."

Posted on 21 December, 2002

The Year in Pictures

MSNBC has posted their annual Year in Pictures slideshow.

You can view hundreds of other photos, dating back to 1998, sorted by week.

Posted on 21 December, 2002

Disturbing Search Requests

When I review my web access logs, I'm often surprised at some of the search terms people use to find this site. For example, do a Google search for "802.11 b safe for pregnant women" and the J-Walk Blog will be first on the list of results.

Here's a web site (a blog, actually) that that collects unusual search requests.

So, even if you only once wrote about your hamster, and on the same day mentioned you were wearing a three piece suit, google just might list you as No.1 for 'hamster suit'. Now just imagine that you check your referrer logs and you find a query from a search engine, looking for 'hamster suit'. This is where this site kicks in.

Posted on 21 December, 2002

Does XML Suck?

Decide for yourself, here. It's actually a very good introduction to XML, by Aaron Crane.

Posted on 21 December, 2002

Spam You Silly

Need more spam? Sign up here...

Within approximately 1 week of signing up with Spam You Silly! you should start receiving between 2,000 and 7,000 unsolicited emails daily for as long as you remain a member!.

(Yes, it's a joke -- but very nicely done!)

Posted on 21 December, 2002