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27 November, 2002

Scanning Flowers

Katinka Matson is an artist who creates some incredible photographic images -- without using a camera.

"For the past several years I have experimented with non-photographic techniques for creating images by utilizing input through a flatbed CCD scanner. No photographs are employed in the process."

To read more about the process and view her flower images, click here.

Posted on 27 November, 2002

How to Make a Hand Turkey

There's an excellent chance that you made a hand turkey at some point during your elementary school days. Most likely, this was done on the day before Thanksgiving. Then you took it home where it was admired for a day or so, and then tossed into the trash.

Things have changed over the years. The Onion demonstrates the preferred method to make a hand turkey.

Posted on 27 November, 2002

Hold the Button

The Web has tons of useless sites. I think I just found the winner:


Posted on 27 November, 2002

Searching for an Excel T-Shirt

About 6-7 years ago, Microsoft gave me an Excel t-shirt. By now, it's ragged and stained, and has been relegated to yard work attire. So I went looking for a new Excel t-shirt. No luck.

I found a site that sells Microsoft promotional gear. They offer Office XP stuff, but nothing specific to Excel. Actually, I did find an Excel t-shirt, but it's from the National Exchange Club -- some organization promoted by Pat Boone. No thanks.

But my quest did lead me to a very cool shirt, which I will buy:

This shirt makes an important statement, yet does so in a very subtle manner. Better yet, it appears to infringe upon two copyrights in one fell swoop!

Posted on 27 November, 2002

New James Bond Film Sets a Record

According to BBC News, Die Another Day has set a record for revenue generated from product placement advertising -- approximately $70 million.

There is so much product placement in the film that people in the marketing industry are calling it Buy Another Day.

So, a trip to the movies now means sitting through 20 minutes of pre-film commercials, followed by a two-hour commercial disguised as a move.

Product placement is one of the hottest trends in advertising, so we'll just have to get used to it. And product placement even extends into computer games. By now it's old news, but McDonalds and Intel are paying for the privilege of being part of The Sims Online.

Posted on 27 November, 2002

Tanline Turkey

I suspect that just about everyone who owns a computer has seen this picture of a beautifully basted barnyard bikini babe. But it's a timely image, and it's kind of clever (click it to get a larger view of this hot hen).

I have no idea where it came from, and I don't even know if it's an actual photograph or a PhotoShop job.

But it's definitely possible to create a turkey like this. Here's a holiday recipe that will soon become a family tradition.

  1. Buy a turkey -- a hen, not a tom.
  2. Arrange the legs and wings as shown in the photo.
  3. Cover the naughty bits with aluminum foil, and secure with toothpicks.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees, basting frequently, until it reaches an internal temperature of 185 degrees.
  5. Remove the foil, ogle for a while, and take a few photos.
  6. Slice and eat.

Posted on 27 November, 2002

Brain Transplantation: We Have the Technology

Medical science can do some amazing things. I was surprised to discover that it's now possible to have your brain removed, and transplanted into a new, younger body. Click here for details about BrainTrans, Inc.

Sure, it's expensive -- and the company seems a bit shady. But...

Just for $499,000.00 you will get completely new human body, any age, race or gender you will choose. This price will include medical preparation, legal preparation, microsurgical procedure, post surgical care and recovery. The price is right. But act now, join our waiting list.

Posted on 27 November, 2002