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22 November, 2002

Eric Conveys an Emotion

I discovered this site about a year ago, and then forgot about it. I re-discovered it today.

The concept here is simple, this is a humor-oriented interactive website. You request an emotion (or reasonable facsimile), and I will try and act it out for you. The frame on the left shows the currently filled emotions. The list in the right frame shows requests that are waiting to be filled.

It's original, creative, and very funny.

Posted on 22 November, 2002

Cyber-Museum of Scams and Frauds

With every passing day, the Internet becomes increasingly sleazy. Scams, frauds, and hoaxes abound. Quatloos.com is an info-packed site devoted to uncovering and exposing common Internet frauds.

Posted on 22 November, 2002

Prices of Spices

We were at the grocery store last night, and I was browsing through the spices. Pound for pound, some of the most common spices are among the most expensive items in the store.

For example, a 0.12 oz bottle of freeze dried chives sells for $3.75. This works out to $500 per pound! Dried parsley, by comparison, is dirt cheap -- only $196 per pound (a 0.2 oz bottle sells for $2.45).

Saffron, which is known for being very expensive, is available here for $35.95 per ounce. This works out to $575 per pound -- just a tad bit more expensive than freeze dried chives.

Posted on 22 November, 2002

Your Name in Hieroglyphs

This site, courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, will convert your name into Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The accuracy of the translation is not known.

Posted on 22 November, 2002

1-10 in 4,500 Languages

Mark Rosenfelder (make that the irrepressible Mark Rosenfelder) has listed the numbers 1-10 in 4,500 languages. I haven't checked them all, but the English language version seems correct.

(via leuschke.org)

Posted on 22 November, 2002

The Ellen Feiss Interview

The long-awaited interview with Ellen Feiss, the Apple switch gal, was published today by the Brown Daily Herald. It's actually quite interesting to see how a 15-year old handles instant fame.

If their server is overloaded, don't fret. I made a copy, and you can read it here.

This major media event was also covered by SlashDot and by wired.com.

Posted on 22 November, 2002