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29 October, 2002

Press Releases With Exclamation Points

It's very rare to find an exclamation point in a press release headline. When a company resorts to such a thing, it's a sure sign that they are (a) amateurs, or (b) trying to drum up excitement about a product that really isn't very exciting.

Take a look at Microsoft's press release for the Windows XP Media Center Edition. It exclaims, The Wait Is Over!  Microsoft's PR people are not amateurs.

I wonder how many people have actually been waiting for an overpriced and soon-to-be-obsolete computer that's endorsed by Tom Arnold? If you have any interest at all in this type of thing, you'd be wise to wait for Version 2.

Posted on 29 October, 2002

All About Chips

We're talking about the edible variety, not the Intel variety.

With reviews of more than 1,100 products, a snack food junkie could easily spend a few days exploring this site.

I'm speechless.  

Posted on 29 October, 2002

Consumer Attitudes About Copying CDs

PC World reports on a consumer survey conducted by GartnerG2. The survey found that 77% of respondents thought that they should be allowed to copy CDs for their personal use in another device. To me, this is an amazing statistic. It's amazing because it implies that 23% of the respondents have been brainwashed by the music industry into thinking that they don't already have that right!

The survey also addressed copy-protected CDs, and the researchers noted:

These restrictions [protected CDs] are likely to frustrate users, possibly resulting in a decline in revenue for the record companies."

Likely? Possibly? Hey GartnerG2, don't mince words. If copy protected CDs become the norm, it will signal the end of the the music industry as we know it -- and that's a good thing.

Posted on 29 October, 2002