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Monday, 01 June, 2009


Youth Rock Ministry: Zounds!

Zounds YRM is a ministry aimed at teens and young adults that uses the rocking power of awesome music to reach out and bring the Word to those that feel traditional church services too boring or uncool. We offer Totally Radical Salvation for today's totally radical kids!

Zounds supports straight edge living and abstinence until marriage, but we also support good times with friends and rocking out for the Lord! Our high-energy services are more like concerts, and when we Get Down, we Get Down on our knees and pray! Yeah!

Shown here is pastor and lead singer Fred "Skeet" Hoskins. From the FAQ:

Q. Howdja get the nickity-nack "Skeet"?

A. Back in the day, I used to refer to my mustache as "my mosquito," because it was so "fly" (that's how we used to talk back then.) So my "homies" (that's what we used to call our dawgs,) started calling me "Mosquito," which soon became "Skeeter" and ended up being just "Skeet."

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