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Saturday, 08 May, 2010

Woman Spends No Money In 24 Hours

Holy cow! Alexa von Tobel underwent a day of self-sacrifice, hardship, and denial, and tells us how she Went 24 Hours Without Spending Any Money...In New York City.

What would be it like to go a day without spending any money? I've thought about this before but I've never considered actually trying it. I couldn't imagine going a day without spending a single penny -- is that even possible? How would I get from A to B? What about food?

Turns out, a day of living expense free is possible and you'd be surprised by the overwhelming sense of satisfaction and feeling of elation that comes from it.

Some of the amazing tricks she used:

  • Made coffee at home
  • Made breakfast at home
  • Walked to work
  • Packed a lunch from home
  • Had a potluck dinner instead of dining out

Her conclusion:

I was energized and motivated by my frugal living yesterday. I recognize that this experiment is unsustainable for a long period of time but I learned that if I just pay a little bit more attention to my daily expenses and put in a little effort, I could eliminate unnecessary, basic expenses from my daily routine.

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