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Friday, 01 December, 2006

When Whales Attack

Entertainment news: No Punishment for "Shamu".

... a stunt where the whale virtually catapults its trainer into the air from an underwater start, allowing the human to make a spectacular arc through the air before diving into the pool. Kasatka decided instead to drag trainer Ken Peters under by his left foot, first for more than half a minute; and then, after allowing him back up briefly for air, for more than a minute. Only Peters' cool ministrations to Kasatka and his fellow trainers use of hand-signals and underwater sounds prevented tragedy as a large audience watched, stunned. Peters is now in the hospital for a broken bone in his left foot.

There is no respite for Kasatka, however. She was back performing at SeaWorld on Thursday afternoon. The marine theme park does not believe in punishment and will not deprive her of food nor inflict anything corporal.

Well how nice of them. I'm sure they treat their animals very well at SeaWorld. But the fact is, they imprison these creatures and and force them to perform stupid tricks to entertain tourists. It's called exploitation.

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