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Saturday, 02 December, 2006

The Banjo Is Dead?

A new book was announced last month: Carole Wade's Death Throes and Demise of the Banjo. From the press release:

Today's banjo musicians have become boring. They talk excessively throughout their performances, grabbing one banjo to pick for a few minutes and then sharply turn around on stage to "hype" another banjo while at the same time same time "foot-stomping" frenetically. They repeat the same tired outdated story about themselves as they "skip-through" their alleged education from long-deceased traditional banjo musicians. Today's best known banjo players have never even taken the time to learn to read music!

That should be an interesting book. Obviously, Carole Wade has no idea what she's writing about. Right now, the banjo is more popular than it's been in a long time.

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