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Tuesday, 22 November, 2005

Silktide Site Report

Get a free Web site report at Silktide. The J-Walk Blog gets a score of:

It identified these negative points:

  • A Google search for "The J" eventually finds this website as #21.
    Silktide incorrectly identified the site name as "The J".
  • This website uses redirections, which annoy users and reduce ratings in search engines.
    It uses a simple script to break out of frames (for example, when linked by about.com). This is a perfectly legitimate use of redirects IMO.
  • This website appears to be in violation of the British Disability Discrimination Act and in violation of W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    I know, I know.

And these positive points:

  • This website is extremely well linked to (70,900 websites link here)
  • This website is very quick to respond
  • This website is extremely popular (approx #35,117 in the world)
  • Excellent point Design makes proper use of modern technology (no table-based layout)

(via Look At This)