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Friday, 01 December, 2006

Science Meets The Scriptures

What is Creation Sensation?

Creation Sensation is devoted to the provision of quality science materials to help you and your child explore the world around you. As you learn about the world of nature without the influence of a secular, evolutionary worldview you will come to KNOW beyond a doubt that the Almighty God made all things.

For example: How old is the moon?

The moon is thought to be between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. This number is at least a half-million times smaller than the evolutionary 4.6 billion years. The creationism age is based upon two factors. First, there is a healthy skepticism of radioisotope dating results. Many hundreds of scientists worldwide question the vast ages assigned to rocks. These researchers are very interested in overlooked kinds of science data that support a recent creation. The second factor supporting a recent creation is the record of biblical history. The Bible most naturally allows for thousand of years of history, but not millions or billions of years.

Now that's quality science!

This is pretty good too: The Stench. It explains why a dead mouse smells bad.