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Friday, 30 April, 2010

Poorly-Written News

This news story is notable because it is so poorly written. It's from a news site called Daily Political: Barack Obama Made a Pilgrimage to Evangelist Billy Graham.

It starts out like this:

The U.S. President Barack Obama recently made a pilgrimage Sunday to evangelist Billy Graham's home. Despite of being a President, Barack Obama is also a good human being, who, at times, needs to pray for this great country, talk his heart out with someone old and wise and spend some time off to relieve his nerves.

The second paragraph:

He spent almost 30 to 40 minutes with Billy Graham and during that light hearted and cordial conversation, both of them talked about their connection to Chicago, Golf, College days and political career.

My favorite sentence comes later:

Despite of being subject to constant ailing condition, Billy Graham managed to serve the U.S. President in the bestest form.

What kind of news site would allow something this bad to be posted?

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