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Friday, 12 September, 2008

Moving To Virginia, Day 5

My homework assignment for Thursday was to find a temporary home for the four horses once they reach Virginia on Friday. I may get an ‘F' on this one. Trying to find affordable, short term horse boarding has kept me glued to the telephone and computer most of the day.

But I stray... first things first.

The family pulled out of Forrest City, AR at 10:00 a.m. CDT in search of FOOD. Seems they basically had skipped eating dinner on Wednesday. due to the lost 1.5 hours for tire repair. In fact, Carisa was downright grouchy. Once they found a Waffle House, her mood began to improve.

Today's drive was set for 503 miles, ending at a fine-looking spread, the Renaissance Farm in Bulls Gap, TN. Not only will the horses spend the night on this property, but so will the rest of the family, as the farm offers an efficiency apartment for human accommodations.

Dinner stop for this 5th day was a Dairy Queen. Although my daughter is tired of fast food restaurants and snack foods eaten while driving, she was in heaven eating an all strawberry banana split. Such a nutritious meal. Her mother should be ashamed! (Oh, wait - that would be me. Ummm.)

Finally - success! I spoke with Tracy of High Step'N Stables in Blue Ridge, VA to make arrangements for boarding through the end of September. Tracy was a very helpful, kind, fun horse lover and totally understands the dilemma my daughter faces. She was more than willing to work with them and get the horses settled into some temporary housing while the humans begin the process of looking for their own housing.

All this is set up for Friday's arrival in Virginia. I may even get an A+ on this project. I'm so proud. And I accomplished all this while I made pasta fazool soup for dinner. Am I good or what?!?

Last night, the arrival time in Bulls Gap, TN (love that name) was 10:30 p.m. EDT. (Rain, accident and detour delays on I-40 put them an hour behind.)

Signing off for day #5 of Moving to Virginny.

- Posted by Pamn