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Wednesday, 30 June, 2010

Maggots Down Plane

Airline news: Maggots fall from flier's stowed bag, force US Airways flight back to gate in Atlanta.

A Charlotte-bound US Airways flight was forced to return to its gate in Atlanta after maggots fell from a passenger's bag that was stowed in an overhead storage bin. "The airline says spoiled meat in a suitcase is to blame for the mess," Atlanta's FOX 5 TV reports.

The incident happened Monday, but does not appear to have been picked up by media until Tuesday evening. "The maggots, they started to drip out of the bin in row 15," passenger Dona Adamo tells FOX 5. As you might expect, a commotion ensued as affected passengers discovered what was going on.

Here's a photo of some random maggots, which have probably never been on an airplane:

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