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Thursday, 01 May, 2008

Ham On Children

The latest from Ken Ham: So Obvious, Even a Child Gets It!

I read an article recently in which an evolutionist bemoaned the fact that biblical creationists are able to come across as very convincing to children. Now, I thought: if you go to Barnes & Noble or another bookstore, you can see a wide range of books on evolution/millions of years targeted for a young audience-designed to indoctrinate children in evolutionary ideas. Of course, public school science texts (and other resources in school libraries) also are geared to teach evolution/millions of years as fact, right from the youngest ages in the government-run, education systems.

Even with such intense indoctrination, secularists complain that creationists are increasingly successful in countering the evolution/long ages message. They say there's an urgent need for evolutionists to communicate their message more effectively to children.

Secular evolutionists/atheists know that if you can indoctrinate at a young age, it paves the way to brainwashing children with a naturalistic (atheistic) worldview.

Every child I've known has liked fairy tales, so why shouldn't they like the Christian creation story? But there comes a time when you need to grow up.

The article ends with a call for brainwashing at an early age:

The more we train generations in the truth right from the earliest age (even at 2), the more they'll easily distinguish truth from error. Yes, the truth that God created as the Bible states is so obvious, even a child gets it! We need such a generation of children to combat false teachings of "the children" of Dawkins and Kagin. Your children are really never too young to learn about creation.