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Tuesday, 02 September, 2008

Going To Virginny

Pamn's son-in-law got a new job, and the family's moving from Southern California to Virginia. They're hauling their stuff about 2,500 miles. The details of the trip:

  • Two adults
  • Two kids (age 7 and 8)
  • Four horses
  • Two dogs
  • One cat
  • A Budget Rental truck, towing a car (driven by him)
  • A Ford F-350 pulling a horse trailer (driven by her)

They're leaving on Sunday. Naturally, the route must be carefully planned in advance to accommodate the horses.

Map key:

  • A: Their place in rural San Diego county
  • B: Our place, staying Sunday night
  • C: Odessa, TX
  • D: Texarkana, TX
  • E: Nashville, TN
  • F: Final destination, in Virginia

Crazy? Perhaps. But they're young, and it's an adventure.

I'm trying to recruit Pamn to be a guest blogger and make a daily post on how they're doing.