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Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

Forgotten In The Slammer

In Arkansas: Woman forgotten in cell over weekend.

A woman being held as an illegal immigrant spent four days forgotten in an isolated holding cell at a courthouse with no food, water, or toilet, authorities and the woman said.

Adriana Torres-Flores, 38, appeared in court Thursday and pleaded not guilty to a charge of selling pirated CDs, but a judge ordered her held because she is in the country illegally, Sheriff Tim Helder said.

Bailiff Jarrod Hankins put her in the cell to await transport to jail, and she was forgotten. Because of heavy snow, few staff members were in the courthouse to hear her cries and pounding later Thursday or on Friday and through the weekend. Torres-Flores wasn't found until Monday morning when Hankins opened the door. She was treated at a hospital and allowed to go home.

The sheriff said Hankins, a bailiff for two months, simply forgot about Torres-Flores...

How bad was it?

The cell had two benches, a metal table and a light that Torres-Flores could not turn off. She slept using a shoe to cushion her head, she told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, with 14-year-old daughter Adriana acting as an interpreter.

"She was feeling like she was going to die," Adriana said. Torres-Flores had not eaten Thursday before going to court. She had a jacket but still was cold in the cell. "She had to use the bathroom on the floor," her daughter said.

I'm surprised Michelle Malkin isn't all over this story, pointing it out as an example of how illegal immigrants should be treated.

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