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Saturday, 30 December, 2006

Ding-Dong, Saddam Is Dead

Saddam dies a broken man

Convicted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein died with fear in his eyes yesterday. The tyrant showed no remorse for killing millions of his own people, instead cursing the Western world in a last act of defiance, witnesses said.

Moments later he was dead and his executioner and government officials danced around his body in jubilation.

The deposed leader, 69, shuffled to the gallows about 2pm Melbourne time carrying a copy of the Koran. Hands bound behind his back and his ankles shackled, he asked guards to loosen his manacles but refused to let authorities cover his head with a black hood.

Then he was led to the trapdoor of the gallows, where, five minutes later, he died in "the blink of an eye". Among his last words was a Muslim profession of faith: "There is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet."

Does he get the 72 virgins?

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