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Thursday, 13 October, 2011

Very Serious About Their Little Trees

You know little little trees some people hang in their cars? The LITTLE TREES Team wants you to know a few things.

Please don’t misuse our trademarks. Not on clothes, not in your ads and certainly not in your burgeoning air freshener business.

And this: Getty Images Facing Upwards To 80 Million Trademark Claims?

[LITTLE TREES] has now sued Getty Images, owners of one of the larger stock photo agencies.  Getty maintained at least 11 images in its inventory that depicted a tree-shaped air freshener.  Car Freshner sued on multiple counts, including trademark infringement.  Getty moved to dismiss the trademark count, arguing that it was not using the mark as a trademark, and if it was, such use was either nominative or descriptive fair use.


My advice: Just avoid anything that looks like a little tree. Including Christmas trees.