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Sunday, 31 October, 2010

Toilets Tell A Tale

Fascinating stuff: Toilet color may be a clue to home's history.

avacodo I bet you never thought of your toilet as a history book, but plumbing-fixture colors can tell you about society over the past decades. Let's take a look back at some popular colors of the past and you'll see what I mean.

A few examples:

1940s: During the war years, the fashion and plumbing industries restricted the number of new colors. Some soil-hiding colors like olive green did appear.

1950s: Striking new colors such as flamingo pink and cerulean blue expressed optimism.

1960s: In this decade of rule breaking, it seemed that anything was accepted. Plumbing fixtures followed the times with colors like antique red, tiger lily and even blueberry.

1970s: How do you follow the psychedelic '60s colors? With new colors like sunflower, avocado and Swiss chocolate, of course.

If you want some free decorating advice, here it is: If you have a color choice, always go with Avocado. It's a timeless color that will make your guests feel good when they have to pee.

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