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Sunday, 10 April, 2011

Reading 100 Books

Bryan Wright is Reading 100 ALL TIME Novels.

When I came across Time Magazine's All TIME 100 Novels, something struck me. I haven't read any of them! That's not entirely true, I'd read six of them. Four of them were read as part of mandatory reading in school and two were read out of choice when I was in University.

It isn't that I don't read anything, I actually read quite a bit, but it tends to be non-fiction; usually history books. Reading over the list a few times, I noticed that not only had I only read six of them, I hadn't even heard of half of them. I then came up with the idea of fixing this. My mission is to read all 100 novels on this list!

He's almost 1/3 finished.

Read an interview here. He didn't like Naked Lunch or Infinite Jest, and he's not looking forward to The Lord of the Rings.

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