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Friday, 01 April, 2011

Now With 150% More Ears!

Something you don't see very often: Biologist from central Russia shelters cat with five ears.

A biologist from Voronezh found a cat with five ears in the street and brought it home to study and perhaps breed.

five ears

"The cat has two normal ears, two extra ears are turned 180 degrees and there is a tiny fifth ear," said Vladimir Obryvkov of the Voronezh State University of Agriculture. He wants to mate his new pet with a four-eared cat living in Vladivostok to create a new breed of these fluffy animals.

What other freaks has he studied?

Obryvkov has already studied a calf with two heads, tails and hearts, a one-eyed lamb, chickens with four legs, conjoined pigs, and a colt with two noses and three eyes.

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