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Sunday, 01 May, 2011

Making Fun Of The Trumpster Is Not Wise

The Democrats know nothing about politics.

Last night, Obama was headlining at a comedy club, and he made some Donald Trump jokes.  That's exactly the opposite of what he should be doing. He should be treating The Trumpster as if he were a feared and legitimate opponent. Releasing that birth certificate in response to Trump's request was a good start. But then he blew it last night, by joking about it.

If the Tea Party and Republicans perceive that the president seems to be afraid of Trump, that will only serve to make Trump more popular. The more the Dems treat him with respect, the more popular he becomes -- at the expense of legitimate candidates (assuming such a thing exists).

When Trump is nominated for the Republican president candidate, then it's time to pull out the heavy guns and expose him as the ignorant jerk that he is. It's way to early to be making fun of The Trumpster.


The worst that could happen is that The Trumpmeister gets elected president. But even that wouldn't be bad. Think of the comedy potential.

Note: I'm available for hire as a political consultant. Dial BR5-49, then press #1 for English.