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Thursday, 22 September, 2011

Liberty Waltz

I've been working on this tune for almost a week. I'm finally getting there, and I can play it much better when the recorder isn't turned on.

It's a pretty little waltz written by Dawn Petty, of Birdseye, Kansas. It sounds old, but it's not.

It's played on a Chuck Lee Prairieville banjo (with no tone ring), strung with nylon strings. Standard G tuning, capo at the 2nd fret. These chords work, but they are a note lower than the banjo:

G// Bm// Em// G//
G// G// D// D//

D// Am// D// D//
D// D7/ G// G//

G// Bm// Em// G//
G// G7// C// C//

G// A7// D// E7//
A7// D// G// G//

It even has words. Listen to a snippet sung by Judy Coder here.

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