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Sunday, 30 January, 2011

Ketchup On Books

If you're in Boise and notice some ketchup stains on your library books, here's the explanation: Boise library vandal sentenced to a month in jail.

Joy L. Cassidy was taken away in handcuffs Friday after pleading guilty to misdemeanor malicious injury to property.

What happened?

When she was arrested after dumping syrup, ketchup and mayonnaise into a library book-drop, many wondered what her motive was — other than to destroy public property and create a gooey mess.

It came out in court on Friday that Cassidy, 75, was retaliating for being banned from the Ada Community Library in 2007 because of conflicts she’d had with the staff and other patrons.

The library spent about $1,000 on a surveillance system to finally catch her.

Shown here is parade of ketchup bottles -- enough ketchup to vandalize just about all of the books with a Dewey Decimal System number between 160 and 167.


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