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Wednesday, 15 September, 2010

Glycemic Research Institute

Take a few minutes and check out the Glycemic Research Institute.

International Government Accredited Certification Organization. A Professional Clinical Research Organization Specializing in Glycemic Index Testing.


Something about this organization just doesn't seem right to me.

They are somehow affiliated with the World Sports Science Institute. And they named Burger King's Fresh Apple Pies as the Kid Friendly Breakthrough Product of the Year.

The company is also affiliated with GBG Energy Matrix -- which is somehow obligated to set up a secondary Web site: Is GBG A Scam?

Follow all of the links, and you'll see that this is a finely orchestrated scam -- and Ann de Wees Allen shows up all over the place.

This is the best of all: Dr Anne De Wees Allen Files 3 Patents on Sickle Cell (apparently, written when she was drunk).

Shalom, they call me the Alpha Scientist. I own a nutraceuticals company; I own a Human testing facility in the University of Florida and have hundreds of researchers working under me.

I am a multi-millionaire many times over for my patents. One of my patents was named breakthrough product of the year by success magazine and I beat Bill Gates out that year for the award. It is always nice to beat Bill Gates at anything I think the message I want to deliver is: I am head of the Agel medical advisory board, the Scientific advisory board so anything that goes in your mouth is my responsibility. I take that real seriously. So in order for you to trust the products, you need to trust me

How did scam artists survive before the Internet?