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Tuesday, 01 March, 2011

Creation Museum Visit Converts Six-Year Old

Not from The Onion. Creationist Ken Ham seems quite proud of how a visit to the Creation Museum affected a little kid: His Heart Has Been Changed.

Here's the story:

ken ham preaching At the end of the show her 6 year old son... grabbed one of the cards (credit card type, the one you can sign the back of if you make a commitment to Christ) and took it home. Later that night, as he was drying off from his bath, he turned and looked at his mom and asked, “Mommy, am I a Christian?” So they talked and prayed because he really wanted to know Jesus.

He was so happy after that while he was brushing his teeth, he kept stopping to sing,” I’m a Christian, I’m a Christian!” They went and told his dad then pulled out that little card and he proudly signed his name and dated the card. It is now stored in his memory drawer.

Way to go, Ken. What kind of success do you have with people who are actually capable of critical thinking?