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Sunday, 28 November, 2010

Chicken Lays Large Egg

How can you tell it's a slow news day? The Daily Mail runs a giant chicken egg story, and I jump all over it. Chicken lays a four-inch tall egg... twice the normal size.

Denise Sloan could be forgiven for looking shell-shocked after her chicken egg-celled itself by laying an enormous four-inch-tall egg. The whopper is more than twice the size of normal eggs. It measures a monster 9cm by 5.7cm (2.2ins).

It was produced by a 20-week-old chicken named Bolt who has only been laying for three weeks.

large egg

A bit about the chicken's owner:

Denise, a 52-year-old gardener from Christchurch, Dorset,, said she has never seen such a large egg despite owning chickens for 15 years.

"It's enormous, bigger than a duck egg. You could make two omelets out of it."

I doubt that. One omelet, max.