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Monday, 01 June, 2009

(with comments)

Youth Rock Ministry: Zounds!

Zounds YRM is a ministry aimed at teens and young adults that uses the rocking power of awesome music to reach out and bring the Word to those that feel traditional church services too boring or uncool. We offer Totally Radical Salvation for today's totally radical kids!

Zounds supports straight edge living and abstinence until marriage, but we also support good times with friends and rocking out for the Lord! Our high-energy services are more like concerts, and when we Get Down, we Get Down on our knees and pray! Yeah!

Shown here is pastor and lead singer Fred "Skeet" Hoskins. From the FAQ:

Q. Howdja get the nickity-nack "Skeet"?

A. Back in the day, I used to refer to my mustache as "my mosquito," because it was so "fly" (that's how we used to talk back then.) So my "homies" (that's what we used to call our dawgs,) started calling me "Mosquito," which soon became "Skeeter" and ended up being just "Skeet."

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  1. By Taco Jocko. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:08am:
    The stache looks like a bad Photoshop edit job.
  2. By strah. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:14am:
    Use of "quotes like this" don't come across as "cool" to the kids "Skeet" - it just emphasizes how "out of the loop" you are.
  3. By mmmark. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @08:41am:
    This is an incredibly elaborate spoof site. The parent site, Objective Ministries is subtle; I wonder how many Christian believers take it as real?
  4. By Sue Dunham. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @09:20am:
    Cool daddio. It's like away hip.
  5. By Mi9nderbinder. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @10:55am:
    mmmark, I don't see the subtle at Objective Ministries, but maybe that's because I was distracted by "Mr. Obama, by not using a Bible, has become the first Atheist President..." and "Chuck Norris reveals the vast Atheist conspiracy to outlaw Christianity in our nation." (But it is up there on the creepy scale.)
  6. By Shel-tone. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @11:00am:
    "Fundamentalism and Art are mutually exclusive. There is no such thing as fundamentalist art."
    Steven Pressfield in The War of Art (Go buy this book.)

    "The artist and the fundamentalist are both individuals who are struggling with what do to with freedom. Art moves us forward to a new future, engaging new ideas, new realities, new experiences. To the artist, humanity is valuable full of possibilities for redemption. The fundamentalist moves us backward, to a better, more pure day, or time, or idea.

    To the fundamentalist, we know the ideas, there's no need for new ones. They are driven to take themselves and the rest of us back to a time when it was right. There is only one right, and they know it. To disagree with them, is to be outside the bounds of God's understanding, to be unorthodox, to be heretical."

  7. By mmmark. Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @11:10am:
    I guess by 'subtle' I mean it's only about 8% more extreme than a mix of some actual church-y or far-right sites out there. At first glance it's not obviously a satire.
  8. By Gee.... Comment posted 01-Jun-2009 @02:01pm:
    That fella is the bee's knees!
    He's the cat's pajamas!
    His idea for bringin' in the hep cats with bitchin' tunes is like too totally tubular!
    Far out, I catch that vibe!

    PS- I've learned to look at the "Posted in" after embarrassing myself a few times.
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