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Monday, 14 September, 2009

World’s Largest Tamale
(with comments)

History was made yesterday in California: Sacramento Eats Up "World's Largest Tamale".

It's 42 feet long, weighs 1,200 pounds -- and it's helping the fight against drugs and alcohol in the Sacramento area.

The "world's largest tamale" was the centerpiece of the 5th Annual Tamales Festival Sunday at Sacramento's Cesar Chavez Park, billed as Sacramento's biggest Mexican independence celebration.

Organizers began assembling the mammoth meal at 5:30 a.m. Sunday. Once it was heated and ready, representatives of Sacramento service group Clean & Sober began selling off portions of the giant tamale to hungry festival goers.

Just wait until next year:

The cooks behind the tamale said they intended to be back again next year -- this time, to cook a 43-foot tamale

Here's a review from someone who attended:

Me and myt wife went to the tamale festival if that is what you want to call it. We waited in line for almost an hour before giving up on trying to eat food. From what we saw the seven dollar price tag for one tamale was not worth it anyway. The tamales were very tiny. There were only two mexican food stands to accomidate all the hungry people.

The headliner of the event Fankie J performed for a brief minute just before the event ended. All in all this was exactly $2.50 worth of an event. I wont be back next year. I wish I would have went to the airshow. This was a waste of time and money. Very disapointed. But what should have I expected with the price of addmission!

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  1. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 14-Sep-2009 @08:35am:
    I wouldn't have had any either. Now, make a big enchilada and I'd be all over it.
  2. By concertinist. Comment posted 14-Sep-2009 @09:53am:

    Coming right up, EK. Yearly, the world's largest enchilada.

    Disclaimer: World's largest flat enchilada. Las Cruces does not compete for world's largest rolled enchilada.
  3. By Evil Klown. Comment posted 14-Sep-2009 @09:59am:
    Cool -- their logo includes a huge enchilada and a Les Paul. If I were anywhere close to an enchilada festival, I'd be a factor.
  4. By Doug. Comment posted 14-Sep-2009 @11:34am:
    How do you cook a 42' tamale? I suspect it has tamale ingredients but isn't technically a tamale.
  5. By GreenBoy. Comment posted 15-Sep-2009 @04:31am:
    It's 42 feet long, weighs 1,200 pounds -- and it's helping the fight against drugs and alcohol in the Sacramento area

    OK - i gotta stop taking drugs cos this just colapsed me in a heap of giggles thinking of a crime fighting snack food... manga style.
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