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Saturday, 11 February, 2006

Wolfgang’s Vault
(with comments)

Listen to some old rock concerts, and buy some very expensive rock and roll memorabilia: Wolfgang's Vault.

Wolfgang was Bill Graham, the man whose genius for bringing performer and audience together shaped the rock concert as we have come to know it...

We have only begun to mine the depths of the Vault. We opened in October 2003 with our unparalleled collection of Poster Art and added our extraordinary vintage t-shirts, backstage passes, laminates and books shortly thereafter. In 2004 we released the BG Archive photography collection, and since then we have become the exclusive online source for five of the greatest rock photographers of all time; Jim Marshall, Baron Wolman, Michael Zagaris, Joe Sia and Gene Anthony.

The Jimi Hendrix concert ticket show here is priced at $1,916.

The quality of the "Vault Radio" concert audio is surprisingly good.

(Thanks Chris Fradkin)

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  1. By meg_mac. Comment posted 11-Feb-2006 @02:57pm:
    isnt the cool thing about souveneirs(sp) tickets is that they were bought but never used? those tickets looked just printed up!!
  2. By rosie. Comment posted 11-Feb-2006 @07:49pm:
    i remember seeing crosby, stills, and nash at the gorge in george, washington, in 1992 and they dedicated the concert to bill graham... graham nash sang "our house".....i should go to bed now....i've been drinking wine....btw, nash wrote that song after shacking up with joni mitchell
  3. By meg_mac. Comment posted 11-Feb-2006 @07:53pm:
    i wish i had some of the way-bills from the concerts at the Fillmore and Winterland.. i was silly and moreover stoned out of my head!
  4. By Pooch. Comment posted 11-Feb-2006 @08:48pm:
    Back in 1969 saw Hendrix at armory in Syracuse, NY. Bought the ticket the afternoon of the show and sat on the floor maybe 10 rows back from stage. Life was differnt way back then! Also, had Jefferson Airplane come way upstate NY to my college in the fall of '68. The "light show" was a bunch of guys squishing food coloring in oil between glass on an overhesd projector. Co-o-o-o-ol!
  5. By Andie. Comment posted 12-Feb-2006 @09:34am:
    This made me think back. I recall going to the Fillmore East to see Blood, Sweat & Tears in the late '60's. I went with an ex. Years earlier while we were still be going together we went a few times to the Cafe Au Go Go to see The Blues Project. He was a very big fan. I have few LP's. I need the anthology CD. I just listened to snippets of:
    I Can't Keep from Crying
    Fly Away
    Flute Thing
    Steve's Song
    I never think about this stuff. My memories are pretty faded. Very cool.
  6. By major_danny. Comment posted 12-Feb-2006 @02:07pm:
    The Wikipedia entry for Bill Graham (promoter) is really interesting. I'd read that he was a difficult person. I think it was in an interview with Tom Snyder I heard Graham talking about Jimi Hendrix. He said Hendrix usually played crappy while doing his 'over the top' stunts and Graham was always harping on Hendrix to just settle down and play.
  7. By head. Comment posted 13-Feb-2006 @06:25pm:
    wolfgangsvault link has not been working for 2 days
    starting sunday feb 12 2006 and it will not load
    when you type it into the computer ...
  8. By J-Walk. Comment posted 13-Feb-2006 @06:38pm:
    It's working right now.
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